Bellingham: work set to begin on redevelopment of a 96 hectare waterfront site

The project was delayed by soil decontamination work and changes to the planned road infrastructure, leading to impatience and criticism. Before the end of 2017, the redevelopment of the grain silo should be completed and work on the new roads and a park will have begun. A housing development programme should follow. New businesses, especially in the solar power industry, are also announced.

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The Pays de Loire region confirms its maritime ambitions, aiming to diversify and consolidate its MRE industry.

To achieve this, research is required to foster innovation. The mobilisation of all public and private stakeholders allows a dynamic approach to MRE. The port has also set about reorganising its industrial zone and anticipates growth in industrial ecology. Furthermore, it is investing in urban mobility and logistics, while the cruise ship business in Saint Nazaire could be developed further. Continue reading

Assembling wind turbines at ports could generate major profitability gains for the industry

This is the conclusion of a recent study by the University of Delaware in conjunction with partners in the industry, based on 10 MW wind turbines. The role of port platforms could become more important with more economic activity onshore than offshore, while the solution would not require any significant technological changes. A development to be followed with interest. Continue reading

Toronto: Sidewalk Labs will be the lead partner for plans to turn the Eastern Waterfront into an innovation hub

The stated aim is to make the project a model of urban post-industrial redevelopment by relying on cutting-edge digital technologies. The project will be initiated with Quayside, a site that accounts for 4.9 of the total 325 hectares that comprise the Port Lands. The project is designed for and with the wider community: citizens, businesses, startups, scientists, local organisations, etc.

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Valencia’s new port activity zone to include more green spaces and more sustainable mobility in response to the demands of local residents

The public debate was extended to allow all stakeholders to put forward their criticisms and comments. Protests continue, however. The local authorities in Valencia have now revised the project to minimise the impact and place greater importance on quality of life. This is the first time such a plan has been considered, to harmonise economic and logistics requirements with residents’ demands for public spaces and cycle lanes. Continue reading

Climate change: award for Scape Studio

Landscape architect Kate Orff has been recognised for a range of innovative solutions to deal with rising sea levels, flood risk, and loss of biodiversity, including an oyster farm for filtering water and reintroducing biodiversity into the port of New York, urban vegetable gardens, quays housing fish and oysters, raised buildings, floodable parks, etc. The approach also includes an educational aspect.

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Port master plans: flexibility increasingly vital as long term planning becomes more difficult

In addition to commercial prospects, master plans now need to take account of faster technological advances and the impact of climate change. Being ready for the future is an increasingly demanding challenge as interactions between ports, economic operators and even objects are intensifying. And within that complex ecosystem, human beings need to find their place. Continue reading

Public debate in Livorno: the mayor and the President of the Port enter a constructive phase for the extension plans

The debate, which brought together a large number of local stakeholders, associations, professionals and politicians, focused on plans to convert the maritime terminal and extend the container terminal. The latter project was revised downwards following recent studies highlighting the importance of more stringent environmental and financial requirements. Finally, environmental monitoring needs to be established to observe air quality and possible noise pollution. Continue reading

Port Canaveral: a master plan costing $2.6 billion

The vision for 2030, designed for the port by Bermello et Ajamil, proposes three new cruise ship terminals. Restaurants, a conference centre, a fishing village, a park, a transport hub, … are all included in the plan. The master plan also considers improvements to the port infrastructure in the north, with new facilities. Bermello presented the project as a response not only to user needs but also for the city’s population and community. Three public consultation meetings have been organised.

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Shanghai plans to create a free port with a focus on innovation

The announcement is the logical next step following the free trade zone launched in 2013, and which was extended in 2015. In addition to the commercial activity, the objective is to accelerate foreign investment to create a Chinese rival to Silicon Valley that will reinforce the 400 R&D centres already present in the territory. Continue reading