BE MY PORT: A new identity to promote the port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire and make the port part of city life

Together, Nantes-Saint-Nazaire Port, the Union maritime Nantes ports (UMNP), the Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Pays de Loire Region, the Carene, Nantes Métropole and the Loire-Atlantique département have decided to create promotional resources including a new visual identity. The new identity is designed to inspire inclusiveness and adoption by all potential users. Continue reading

How can container traffic entering and leaving port cities be better planned to reduce congestion?

The International Transport Forum recently published the findings of round tables and discussions held in 2017 on this subject. Adapting capacities and re-organising hinterlands have become the dominant issues for port cities as they face heavy pressure from onshore traffic flows and congestion, itself a source of tensions. We look forward to reading the ITF’s recommendations, along with a recent article on the situation in Spain. Continue reading

The University of Santiago in Chile to offer a diploma in port city planning. Interview with the responsible.

With the holistic approach increasingly influential in sustainable development, the university has opted to create a programme teaching students about harmonious port activity. Subjects covered will include planning and management of the urban environment, management of access roads and quality of life for port city residents. Each module of the course will treat the Port City as a unified system, rather than as two separate entities.

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Huelva: the President of the Port announces plans to transform the Muelle de Levante

Within three years, the site is set to become a new façade, rebuilding the link with the city. Three zones have been identified. The first will be an open space used for leisure and open-air concerts and will host a restaurant and viewing tower. The central zone will be turned into a green space with views of the river, where urban sports can be played. The final zone, to the north, will be home to a new 400 berth marina.

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South Africa: Transnet National Port Authority unveils ambitions for Cape Town and Saldanha

In addition to improved operational capacity in the areas of bulk liquids and ship repair, tourist development will be a priority in Cape Town, particularly thanks to the partnership with the V&A Waterfront to develop a new cruise terminal. In Saldahna, TNPA is banking on the growth in LNG and the development of a special economic zone adjoining the port. Continue reading

A new Port Center in Dunkirk joins the “Port Center by AIVP” community

On Thursday 6 September 2018, the founding assembly of the Dunkirk Port Center association elected its Board of Directors. The decision to create the association was accelerated following a public debate on the “Cap 2020” plans for the Port of Dunkirk. During the debate, local residents expressed strong support for the project, indicating a desire to retain close ties with the port through a suitable vehicle, and the Port Center is the answer to that very legitimate request.

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Bellingham (WA, United States): the port and city in partnership to develop a heritage trail

The aim is to showcase historic heritage across the 237 acres of the Waterfront District. The Heritage Trail Concept Plan is the brainchild of firms Walker Macy and Aldrichpears Associates, whose recommendations are based on a detailed inventory of uses, heritage value and historical context of the different buildings and elements of interest at the site.

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Italy: Assoporti this summer signed a MOU with the National Tourist Board (ENIT)

The MOU will see the two partners work together to promote and develop tourism, and in particular to establish more sustainable city-port relations. A newly created working group will identify areas of mutual interest and define actions to be developed. The Chairman of Assoporti, Zeno D’Agostino, is delighted with the collaboration and highlights the commitment of Italy’s ports to working more and more closely with the different local stakeholders, and notably in conjunction with the tourist and cruise industries. Continue reading

Toronto: Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs reach agreement on the proposed smart redevelopment of Quayside

The agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder, with Waterfront Toronto set to oversee the regeneration, while Sidewalk Labs (a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company) will provide expertise in digital technology and innovative urban solutions. By September 2019, a Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) should be in place for Quayside, a site in the eastern waterfront district. Combining offices, retail spaces and housing, the project is being touted as a future model for the smart connected city, with its multi-purpose buildings, smart sensors, etc., although there are concerns about how the data collected will be used.

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