City Port territories move to kick-start the growth of the hydrogen industry and promote the urban integration of maritime activities

As Maersk announces plans to launch carbon-neutral ships by 2030, the engine manufacturer MAN Cryo has unveiled its hydrogen-based solution for short-distance transport. In Auckland, the port plans to build a hydrogen station in 2019 that will eventually serve trucks, trains, ferries and tugboats. In Antwerp, the port has rewarded CMB for its hydrogen-powered shuttle “Hydroville”, intended to transport commuters in the port district.
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Buenos Aires: mural frescos to give new life to the Sand Terminal

Argentina’s flora and fauna have inspired the artists in this programme to recover buildings and sand silos which have been abandoned for years. The programme is part of the current project for F Dock, which will be converted into a riverside promenade. However, the manager responsible for the Port’s project stresses that the idea is for the Sand Terminal’s equipment to be brought back into use as well, as it can play an essential role in construction work around the city.
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Marseille, Euroméditerranée: temporary site occupancy strategy

Euroméditerranée has launched a call for expressions of interest for nine sites yet to be allocated in the port hinterland zone. The aim is to host economic or cultural activities there for between one and five years. The strategy is also intended to enable current and future residents and users to reclaim the site in redevelopment.

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The Port of Antwerp and the Belgian development agency Enabel strengthen their cooperation

Their aim is to promote port expertise in the area of sustainability to developing countries, while consolidating overseas growth centres for the national economy. Of the fourteen countries supported by Enabel, thirteen are in Africa. The current close collaboration with Cotonou could provide a platform for the policy. Continue reading

Hackathon and simulators: stimulating innovation to improve port logistics

The 3rd Haropa hackathon ended with awards for various projects in the areas of port employment or community relations. The projects will receive backing. In another field, the major port equipment manufacturer Kalmar has taken inspiration from Formula 1 and is keen to explore the benefits of collaborative simulator games aimed at improving the operation of container terminals. When will the championship start? Continue reading

Paris: public consultation on plans to redevelop Port Legrand

Covering 1.3 hectares, Port Legrand has shared spaces that are used for transporting construction materials, recyclable materials and very large objects via the waterway. It also has a commercial real estate complex dedicated to nautical activities. The project includes plans to restructure the complex, reorganise the spaces and pedestrian paths, and create a passenger stopover point.

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Arctic Routes: maritime routes to rival existing ones, or new routes for new economic territories?

All observations now show that these new maritime routes are opening up, despite continued uncertainties about their future navigability. In addition to reducing journey times between Europe and Asia, they lie at the centre of the new geopolitical issues, encompassing both energy and the environment. By securing the route, Russia would strengthen its international influence. Continue reading

Energy transition, community relations, human capital: three development priorities for the port of Antwerp.

For its Chief Executive, the port of Antwerp needs increasingly to become a business facilitator and a community builder. The port must take up the challenges of the future by fostering dialogue and acting with the community. Creating a working environment that promotes initiative-taking and respects the well-being of employees will also contribute, as will improving everyday mobility for commuters in the port zone. Continue reading

Melbourne: revised project for Fishermans Bend

The State Government of Victoria had announced its intention to promote a model development on the site between the port, the Yarra River and the bay, housing 80,000 people by 2050. The proposal had attracted 26 projects by developers at the start of this year, and the prospect of a forest of skyscrapers stirred up debate. The number and height of the tower-blocks will be regulated, and the inclusion of low-cost housing will be a condition for acceptance. The new district must also be compatible with port needs.

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Genoa: 5th meeting of the AIVP Port Center Network (PCN) Working Group

A reduced PCN working group meeting brought together around thirty people from Europe and Canada. The meeting was officially hosted by Porto Antico, the Port Authority and the City of Genoa. Over a day and a half, a series of presentations were given by local stakeholders, with opportunity for debate and discussion, sharing of ideas, and field trips including a visit to the Port Center which recently re-opened to the public, plus the Città dei Bambini, the Galata museum, and a research laboratory specialising in pioneering biomaterials.

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