The Port of Marseilles reaffirms its strong interest in a city-port combination

The presentation of the year’s balance and the perspectives for 2018 was used to announce the launch of a study on the redevelopment of the 400 hectares of the East Docks. The object is to combine industrial and urban activities on the site. This strategy follows the same line as the Port-City Capillarity Charter signed in 2013 between the Port, the City and Euroméditerranée, or the Terrasses du Port which brings a passenger terminal into the same building as commercial facilities run by the city.

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The Port of Brussels celebrates its 25th anniversary and looks to the future

2018 will be a year of celebration with the port of Brussels set to be opened up, and numerous events organised for the general public, including the port festivities in May. This year will also see the inauguration of several major projects, including the construction village and the new cruise terminal at the outport, with a 240 metre quay. Finally, the Port of Brussels is currently working on a new master plan for the period leading up to 2040. Continue reading

Lisbon: new cruise terminal opened

Officially inaugurated on 10 November 2017, the Santa Apolonia cruise terminal had already welcomed its first ship in September. Participants in the study trip to Lisbon organised by AIVP last autumn had the opportunity to tour the terminal. They also chatted to its designer, architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça, and the Managing Director of the cruise terminals at the Port of Lisbon, Ricardo Ferreira, who explained all of the benefits of the facility, which combines functionality, flexibility and urban integration.

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The PORTOLAB project arrives at the port of Carrara in Italy

Port tours for the region’s young people are to be introduced at the Grendi terminal for a period of several months. Some 400 primary school children will get the chance to discover the port, its careers and logistical environment. Created in 2006 by private sector operator Contship, the PORTOLAB project continues to be popular. The port authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea has decided to take an active role in bringing the project to the port of Carrara, which will be providing tutors employed by the Grendi terminal. Other port community stakeholders will also contribute. Continue reading

Shanghai: a masterplan to become an Excellent global city by 2035

An important aspect will be to introduce measures to protect the environment and to limit demographic growth and land designated for construction. There should be a big increase in green spaces. 45 km along the banks of the Huangpu are already available, with proposals for promenades, green spaces and conversion of port-industrial land. The city also aspires to become a world-level metropolis of innovation on the basis of its port sector.

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Marseille: Quechen Silicon Chemical announces plans for a silica production plant to be integrated into the PIICTO platform

The €100 million industrial investment by the world’s third largest silica manufacturer will help to create 130 jobs. The project represents recognition for the port’s ability to provide land, energy, good international links and an industrial ecology platform that allows the operators present to pool resources and fluids.

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MTCC- Network: a global network of centres of excellence in marine technology has been official launched at the headquarters of the IMO

The directors of the five cooperation centres have signed a MoA to create the network with centres in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific. Their mission is to promote new technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions from ships. Continue reading

Dunedin (New Zealand): master plan for the waterfront

Architectural firm Van Brandenburg’s vision for the next 25 to 30 years has been welcomed by the main stakeholders, including Port Otago, which is already looking at moving its remaining activities to a new site. With private and public funding, the Harbourside project will provide a mixed-use development with public spaces and promenades, a ferry service, marine research centre, aquarium, cultural amenities and more.

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Skills Navigator: meeting the needs of businesses and the digitisation of jobs

When Antwerp, Ghent and Rotterdam unite around a shared project, you know it’s serious. Under the name “Skills Navigator”, the ports are looking to remedy the drastic mismatch between job offers and the jobs market. In practice, the project due to start in January 2018 aims to give businesses a more active role in finding the right skills. Continue reading

Dublin: a common strategy and approach to create an attractive Water Quarter

The Dublin Docklands area has changed considerably in recent years, but still does not feel like a genuine Water Quarter. There is no contiguous and intuitive promenade for visitors in the different clusters, which are sometimes separated by abandoned spaces or even sections of apparently dangerous canals, etc. The report currently being examined by the various stakeholders concerned should lead to a common master plan designed to boost the area’s tourist appeal.

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