Almeria: The Puerto-Ciudad project masterplan to be submitted to a public consultation in January 2018

The Mayor of Almeria has highlighted the importance of having all of the authorities concerned on board with the project, so that the city-port project ceases to be merely a discussion of good intentions, and starts to take practical shape in the form of tangible documents and real events open to all.

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San Francisco: the Port chooses CHE2M and Arcadis for resilient redevelopment of the waterfront

The object is to strengthen the protection barrier along an essential 3.5 mile sector of the waterfront. A multi-risk analysis and an approach focusing on the idea of co-existing with the water will result in an action plan to forestall, mitigate and manage storms and the sea level rise.

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Spain: the Court of Auditors expresses reservations on the multiplication of port investments.

The Court blames ports for not carrying out realistic studies of the real demand underlying every new infrastructure work. It demands the definition of a clearer national strategy and control mechanisms. The response to market demands must be analysed more deeply from a national perspective and not port by port. The Court does not recognise a direct correlation between infrastructure expenditure and efficiency gains. Continue reading