Copenhagen: an extension on 9 new islands

Conceived by Urban Power for the Danish government, Holmene while provide an extension to what is already the largest industrial zone in the country. It could create up to 12,000 new jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. 230 ha will be devoted to these activities. In addition, 70 ha will be allocated to natural spaces accessible to the public for recreational and sports activities, or set aside for the preservation of biodiversity. Start of work in 2020 for completion in 2040.

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Publication of a ITF and WBU study on the impact of automation on jobs in the transport industry

This is the first independent study on this crucially important issue. Some 40% of the research focused on the maritime sector, including an analysis of the situation in 17 countries. The report stresses that the impact of automation will be gradual, bringing changes not just to jobs themselves but also to their location, potentially generating social tensions. Continue reading

Port conurbation, cruise ships, canals, freeports: China is betting all out on shipping.

In the south of the country, the government is developing its vision of the “Greater Bay Area” involving no less than 11 cities, with the port of Guangzhou playing the major role. This vision is twinned with the development of freeports to increase its attractions, and the construction of new canals to provide connections between the Yangtze and the Pearl River. And cruise ship ports will not be left behind.
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Port and circular economy: growing potential, particularly for ports attached to large urban centres

In this article, the authors and researchers provide an overview of the potential of this new economic concept, which aims to re-use, recycle or re-manufacture. Numerous examples from the Netherlands highlight four priorities: preparing for a reduction in raw materials shipped, attracting new logistics and industrial activities, developing genuine clusters, and pooling energy flows.
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