Should the future Spanish ports law give cities a bigger say in their governance?

Janet Sanz, deputy Mayor of Barcelona and Vice-President of AIVP, has raised the question, taking up a clear position and opening the debate. She is calling for other Spanish port cities to launch a manifesto on the issue, as a way of promoting active discussion. In Spain, as in many other countries, City Port governance is more strategically important than ever.
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The ports of Ghana are crucial to the country’s development, while gradually integrating environmental issues

As the region’s third largest economy, Ghana is able to rely on a port system. In addition to terminals, investment has also been made in infrastructural links, notably with Burkina Faso, and smoother goods tracking procedures. Alongside this, and with the help of an international pool, the port of Tema has become a pilot project for an integrated and sustainable approach to port design. Continue reading