Europe: should the award of European funding for port projects be based on a cost-benefit analysis?

The article notes that at present, most assessments in this area are done in order to support a project, rather than to ascertain its added value for the EU. For Prof Turró, who worked for some time at the EIB, these assessments need to look at the structure of decision-making processes in order to have any credibility. They also need to evolve throughout the project cycle, and appraisal criteria need to be better defined. Continue reading

New York: US$100 M of investment to rejuvenate barge and rail transport at the heart of the city

Currently, some 90% of freight transport within the city limits is shipped by truck. The new plan aims to create 5000 jobs at handling platforms and eliminate 40 Mkm per year of freeway traffic. One of the sites could be in the Bronx, inspired by the terminal already developed by the port of Brooklyn Continue reading

Chile: dialogue with communities and cities central to the new port policy

This is the key issue identified in the strategic orientations and priority investment policies unveiled by the Chilean government to the ten national port authorities, following the appointment of their new presidents. The focus is on proposing mechanisms to promote integration, notably in terms of governance. Employment, mobility and the environment will also be crucial to City-Port-Citizen dialogue. Continue reading