Port of Rotterdam acquires a 30% stake in the Brazilian port of Pecém for €75M

The investment will give the port a voice in strategic decisions and appointments to key position. The fast growing port is aiming for 45 Mt of traffic by 2030, up from 16 Mt in 2017, with the objective of opening up the Brazilian market to businesses in the Rotterdam port cluster, and establish Pecém as a new industrial and logistics platform for north-eastern Brazil Continue reading

The port of the future will be increasingly integrated into the city

Pino Musolino, boss of the Port of Venice, is a strong proponent of this vision. The challenge is to gradually build a new ecosystem within which the port, city and residents constantly exchange resources, skills and knowledge. Dialogue is needed to create a consensus for projects at every level, from local, to national and international. Cooperation is the way forward to a shared vision of the port of tomorrow. Continue reading