The Port of Bayonne confirms its commitment to the local area with the support of institutional partners

The confirmation will allow projects on-going since 2013 to be continued. In operational terms, a study of land use strategy will also be undertaken, in order to guarantee development conditions for the medium term, particularly within the City Port perimeter. On the industrial side, it has been confirmed that Spanish steel group Celsa is to invest 60 million euros in a new rolling mill. Finally, a direct rail shuttle link with Pamplona will enter service in September.. Continue reading

Industrial ecology has become a must in port territory development strategies

In its June number, NPI magazine reviews all current projects in France in the light of the initiatives taken at Rotterdam and Antwerp. There is no longer any doubt on the benefits of these new industrial practices, but the right economic model has yet to be found by getting all the stakeholders in the territory round one table. Competitiveness starts with good knowledge of the City-Port-Industry ecosystem by everyone involved. Continue reading