Gala in Tenerife to celebrate the relationship between port and city

Factoria de Cohesión in Tenerife organized on July 18th the 2nd gala “Port and City together”, cooperating with the municipality and port authority. The event, celebrating the coexistence between city and port, also included awards recognizing individuals or entities that have actively contributed to improve the port-city relationship in different aspects, such as sustainability, job creation or social actions. Factoría de Cohesión is an innovative platform in Tenerife, lead by a young team to foster better relationships between the port community and the city. You can find out more in the interview we did last February.
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New initiatives to increase the social integration of port activities in Lorient

The port and city of Lorient hosted on June 15 and 16, the successful “Ports en Fête” festival, celebrating the fishing sector with concerts, port visits and other cultural events emphasizing the importance of the fishing port sector for society and local identity. At the same time, the Port Center of Lorient co-financed the «Explo’r@de» app to discover more than 120 highlights of the port spread over the bay, using augmented reality, improving the users’ experience. The project was done by the ‘Espace des sciences/Maison de la Mer. All this news, and the new “Carnet de bord” with illustration explaining the port to children, are available in the website of the port center. Continue reading