With the Port Centers Charter, the people of Marseilles are back at the heart of the port-city relationship!

Stakeholders in the territory of Marseilles have turned out in large numbers to sign the AIVP Missions Charter of a Port Center. Marseilles, France’s largest port city, joins the thirteen international port cities that are already signatories. The charter, which was ratified on Thursday 14 September at the Smartcity Forum, centres on the object of opening the port to the city’s population, involving the Port of Marseilles Fos, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseilles, Provence, the Bouches du Rhône Department and the Metropolis of Marseilles, and cities of Marseilles, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, Fos-sur-Mer and Port-de-Bouc.

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The regional government to support the creation of an innovation hub at the port of Seville

The education and innovation hub will help businesses become more competitive, offering tailor-made training courses more tuned to the needs of companies in the port community. The aim is to improve the qualifications of port workers and generate social and economic value for the local area. Continue reading

Zeno D’Agostino, President of the Port of Trieste: “introducing people to the port…absolutely vital to promoting understanding of the port’s importance for the city”.

The 5th “Open Port” event brought together 600 people with an updated, more ambitious programme. Tours of the terminals, meetings with professionals and a complete immersion in the port’s operational landscape all proved highly popular with the visitors. In the words of one: “when you have a port at the heart of your city, tours should be mandatory for all residents”.

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