MTCC- Network: a global network of centres of excellence in marine technology has been official launched at the headquarters of the IMO

The directors of the five cooperation centres have signed a MoA to create the network with centres in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific. Their mission is to promote new technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions from ships. Continue reading

Skills Navigator: meeting the needs of businesses and the digitisation of jobs

When Antwerp, Ghent and Rotterdam unite around a shared project, you know it’s serious. Under the name “Skills Navigator”, the ports are looking to remedy the drastic mismatch between job offers and the jobs market. In practice, the project due to start in January 2018 aims to give businesses a more active role in finding the right skills. Continue reading

Marseille: Stakeholders joining together at the Port Center to discuss solar energy development on the industrial zone of Fos

The seminar organised within the framework of the permanent dialogue program in the West area of the port met a strong success. The Marseille Fos Port Center, a dedicated and neutral meeting place to exchange, allowed the professionals of the industrial sector, the government representatives and local stakeholders to define the perimeter of this solar energy development movement and to discuss the different challenges linked to it. Continue reading