Marseille: Stakeholders joining together at the Port Center to discuss solar energy development on the industrial zone of Fos

The seminar organised within the framework of the permanent dialogue program in the West area of the port met a strong success. The Marseille Fos Port Center, a dedicated and neutral meeting place to exchange, allowed the professionals of the industrial sector, the government representatives and local stakeholders to define the perimeter of this solar energy development movement and to discuss the different challenges linked to it. Continue reading

Antwerp’s Port Center plans to move closer to the city centre

Aiming for 100,000 visitors to raise awareness among all of the city’s residents about today’s port world, Rudi De Meyer, director of the Havencentrum in Antwerp, explains the need to forge a closer relationship with the public. Currently located over 30 km away at the heart of the port, the Port Center is restricted in its ability to fulfil its role in educating, informing and promoting a port culture shared by all. The Province is now looking at technical and financial feasibility, and eventually some eight million euros should be invested in the new site, in the heart of the Eilandje zone. Continue reading

The Port of Montreal prepares to welcome its new Port Center

With over 21,000 visitors since the summer, and a temporary exhibition on the “History of Ships”, the Port of Montreal is preparing to realise the Port Interpretation Center at its new cruise terminal. The project is part of the commitment adopted by the Port in June 2014, when it ratified the AIVP Port Center Missions Charter.

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Aarhus: the temporary installations change perceptions of the port and docks

With Harbour Magnets, the Parisian architects’ studio List and its invited architects take their inspiration from port structures or materials in order to redevelop the installations. The work will give the public views over previously inaccessible or unknown sites on the port and its landscapes. Light projections by night complete this (re)discovery of the port. The project has been carried out under a proposal by the city.

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