The Port of Valencia continues to promote awareness of its activities through tours, hosting 7,500 students in 2016.

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In 2016, the Port of Cadiz welcomed over 700 people as part of its tour programme, which includes five different itineraries

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Toronto: new “Ice Breakers” art exhibition uses digital technology to create an interactive waterfront experience

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The Port of Valparaiso backs the three-wheeled taxi project, an initiative aimed at promoting soft mobility which tells the story of the city and its port

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Supporting efforts to share passion for the city port

16463446_767833746702556_5142296882263769483_oPort Academy by Porto Lab, Contship Italia in Milan, 2 – 3 February 2017

Greta Marini, who is responsible for the AIVP Port Center Network, was invited to take part in the “Port Academy” organised by the PortoLab project, launched eleven years ago by terminal operator Contship Italia. In line with the principles set out in the Port Center missions charter, PortoLab allows youngsters aged between 9 and 12 to learn about the terminals operated by Contship in various Italian port cities (Milan, Cagliari, Ravenna, Gioia Tauro, La Spezia).

For a few hours each week, employees volunteer to teach the children about the realities of port life, based on a pre-defined educational program. For many of the youngsters, the port is a new and completely unknown world. A project like this requires careful preparation, and every year Port Academy aims to provide the necessary resources for the Contship employees who volunteer to accompany the children. Educational content is tested in advance by a professional working closely with the classes and teachers.

IMG_1739Over the two days, the Port Academy team members were given the chance to familiarise themselves with a new educational project, based on the game “Escape Room”. The game takes the form of a container, in which the children find clues to solve a number of puzzles, and allows a variety of different themes to be explored, depending on the schools’ requirements and the ages of the children.

Today, Contship is able to offer youngsters a unique and proven experience, but one which needs to be constantly updated and renewed. The children contribute with their own immediate reactions and comments, confirming the importance of showing that the port is a part of their everyday lives.

This initiative, driven by Contship Italia, needs more support from public stakeholders in the port cities where Contship’s terminals are located. The importance of links between businesses and schools – particularly in the port and maritime environments – requires work to raise awareness among urban stakeholders, local communities and the port authorities. They have an essential role to play in developing port culture with younger people and the general public. The challenge today is to channel these opportunities collectively, in order to make the country’s territories more competitive.

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Napoli considers creating a Marine and Immigration Museum.

napoli_gm_08fev2017Located at the Magazzini Generali, a 9000 m2 site that was recently saved from demolition, the project could be realised as part of a wider programme aimed at revitalising maritime passenger traffic. It will also help to renew links between the city and port, and allow Neapolitans to rediscover their maritime and port identity.

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The Port of Montréal and ETS (Higher Technology School) join forces for the Smart port challenge

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The Port of Barcelona carries out a study to fit training to port needs

barcelone_gm_6janv2017The Port of Barcelona is carrying out a study of the current labour market and the sort of training required. Particular attention will be paid to the competences that port activities will generate in future. Linking education to port needs should become a major issue in the city’s active training strategies.

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Port of Helsinki receives a communication award for its good interaction with the residents

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Calais: the port and its history displayed to the public in the Fine Arts Museum

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The Prefecture and the ports of Paranagua and Antonina (Brazil) confirm that the Port School project will continue.

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Port of Bilbao: schoolchildren awarded prizes for the three best stories in the “know your port” programme

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The Port of Venice opens to the public and young people, with two events organised in November

©port of veniseThe first was held as part of a nationwide initiative led by Confindustria. The port community and authority opened their businesses to raise awareness among young people about careers in the port and logistics industries. The second event took place as part of the “Open Factory” project. For one day, sites that are usually closed to the public were opened up and explained to the 500 visitors who came to discover the Port of Venice.
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Students from the University of Rhode Island win an award for the project to protect the Port of Galilee against rising water levels – Report available

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The Port of Vancouver’s web TV channel draws over 1 million viewers in 2016

vancouver_gm_28nov2016The Port of Vancouver continues to invest in education and information for communities and citizens, through a fun and accessible programme. The aim is to encourage greater interaction to promote better awareness of the port’s activities and the people who work there.
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A Sea and Teaching symposium to give ports and the sea a higher profile in French schools

rennes_gm__2016nov25Organised at the initiative of the Rennes state education authority, the symposium was intended to raise awareness in the teaching profession about the importance of the sea and ports in schools. Debate focused on the geopolitical dimension, sea/land interfaces and sensitive ways to approach these themes. The event was also an opportunity to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of maritime topics.
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For Environment Week, the Port of Guadeloupe is presenting its Cayoli project to the public

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Riga, the port economy in search of young ideas

riga_gm_10novThe port of Riga (Latvia) has held its 9th competition for students. Entrants are required to work on the Port of Riga’s impact on the Latvian economy, and are invited to research and devise new interdisciplinary ideas aimed at making the port more competitive.
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Alfaport, jointly with Co-creation and Voka, organises their first Hackathon entitled HACK THE PORT, BUILD THE FUTURE

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Ecology and Business: the experience of the Ecomarathon at the Port of Vostochny (Nakhodka, Russia)

russie_gm_2016nov04Russia’s biggest coal port presented its youth environmental education programme at the X International Ecological Forum “Nature without borders”, held in Vladivostok. The slogan of this year’s Ecomarathon “Let’s Save the Sea Together!” was designed to attract the attention of young people to ways of preserving the Sea of Japan. The young residents of Primorye Region took part in environmental workshops, themed Olympic Games, drawing competitions and visits
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