La Rochelle: the port community opens its doors with guided tours by professionals

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Dublin: a conference exploring the role of art in the history of the port city

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Genoa: a festival where artists and scientists debate the concept of work in the port city

genova_gm_22mai2017The project reflects a keen interest in exploring the transformations in Genoa’s society and urban space,   with a focus on its port, its global links and the maritime routes that lead to the city and surrounding region. The festival schedule includes a reference to art-based research, which implies an analysis of societal issues such as work through the prism of artistic development.
Full article: Informazione Marittime + Programme + Cultura in Liguria

Informationscontainer Hamburg: a site and a container to explain the economic benefits and jobs for the Metropolis

hamburg_gm_12mai2017At the celebration of the Port of Hamburg’s anniversary at the beginning of May, various players in the port and the transport industry took part in a teaching and information initiative to explain the diversity of jobs linked to different sectors of port activity. Computer competences and digital technology are among the competences needed – they open up a whole range of new perspectives in terms of jobs and career development.

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Lorient: a passenger terminal and a Port Center to replace the former Keroman ice factory

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The Port of Strasbourg opens a temporary Port Centre to continue its promotion of the port industry to the general public

strasbourg_gm_12mai2017In the courtyard of the old COOP, the public has been able to discover a temporary Port Centre – created out of containers – which is designed to explain the activities of the Port of Strasbourg. A number of artistic creations, also focusing on the port, complement the informational aspects, offering an alternative view of the port and the city.

Full article: Port of Strasbourg + Mer et Marine

Livorno: the Port celebrates ten years of its “Porto Aperto” initiative with 30,000 students and the first anniversary of the Livorno Port Center

livorno_gm_12mai2017The new President of the Port, Stefano Corsini, believes the experience should be extended to include ports which have joined Livorno’s port and administrative complex. Reforging links between the local population and the port is vital to its harmonious development within the city.

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As part of the “Port Center Thursdays” scheme, Le Havre will offer tours and a conference on “Teaching about the sea”, led by Tristan Lecoq

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Rotterdam opens one of the world’s largest maritime training centres, with a second due to open in Singapore next year

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Barcelone : lancement du 2e hackathon portuaire intitulé Innova, plus de 1000 étudiants et 20 entreprises attendus.

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The Port of Venice confirms its commitment to raising port awareness among young people

venise-gm-_2017avril28A new edition of the Venice Open Port project gave primary school pupils the chance to visit the port. After an introduction in the form of lab classes, the children were invited to board a tugboat and talk to the crews.

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The port city of Riga in search of young ideas

riga-gm-_2017avril27The port of Riga (Latvia) organises a port city competition for students. Entrants are required to work on innovation and new technologies in order to imagne a more fruitful port city relationship.  They are invited to research and devise new interdisciplinary ideas aimed at making the port city more competitive.

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The Nice Chamber of Commerce holds its “Welcome to the Port School” event, attended by 950 students

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Rotterdam Havenkrant, the port newspaper: see how the publication is made

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Focus on the Port Economy of La Rochelle: a new milestone with the signature of a cooperation agreement between the Port, maritime association Union Maritime and state employment agency Pôle Emploi

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Houston Galveston Bay: the main entrance to the port could become an iconic site

houston_gm_2017avril07As part of the mid bay development strategy, architects Rogers Partners propose a storm protection system that will double as a promenade and recreational space, with industry, community and environment co-existing together..

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Painting and photographic competition entries depicting the port, exhibited by the Port Authority of the Balearics

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The Port, a public asset for all, according to the new President of the Venice Port Authority

venise_gm_11avril-017Pino Musolino is keen to kick off his term in office by drawing attention to the fact that the port is first and foremost a public asset, in which the citizens are the shareholders. It is therefore vital for the port to meet the needs of all generations, both present and future. The Port of Venice needs to develop its capacity to offer job prospects that are also an alternative to the tourist industry, which holds a monopoly in the city of Venice.Full article: Port of Venise

Hamburg: the New Magazine for general readership reveals the work opportunities offered by the port

hamburg_gm_03avril-017The object of the magazine published by the port – the largest employer in the region with 130.000 direct and indirect jobs – is to shine a light on the different careers linked with the port-industrial world. Constant changes linked to the global context and the acceleration and modification of flows of information and goods demand an ability to adapt and evolve.

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Venice: 39th edition of the “Su e ZO per i Ponti” in partnership with the Port Authority

venise_gm_30mars2017For nine years, the Port of Venice has been a partner of this solidarity project that brings together more than 10,000 people for walks along the streets and bridges of Venice. The 13 kilometre route also offers an opportunity for Venetians to discover part of the port zone.

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