The port and University of Huelva join forces to promote innovation and employment

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The Port of Seville and the Andalusian Foundation for industrial heritage award a prize for alfresco painting of industrial port heritage

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The Port of Long Beach is organising public workshops to adjust its funding programmes

To obtain maximum information and adapt the criteria for subsidies under the Community Grants Program, the Port is offering to work with its neighbours and those most impacted by port operations. The programme funds projects designed to improve the health and quality of life of local residents, in particular.

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Guadeloupe, active member of AIVP, wins ESPO Award 2017

This year, the annual prix awarded by ESPO was devoted to the commitment of ports to promoting artistic and cultural projects in their communities. The Port de la Guadeloupe project, entitled Port’Art, is intended to be broad and diverse. It will enable a large percentage of the island’s population to discover port territories through art and history, and also raise awareness among young people through artistic creations produced jointly with local schools. Today, after years of investment in society, the Port of Guadeloupe is paying more and more attention to the intangible benefits of these “soft” values in its activities and their competitiveness.

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Merchants Port Holdings Company announces the creation of C Blue, a major innovative educational programme in response to plans for the new Silk Road.

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With Smart Port 2020, the Port of Guadeloupe is keen to establish itself in the digital world and proposes to launch a Hackathon

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Inviting children to help name a ship

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Public debate in Livorno: the mayor and the President of the Port enter a constructive phase for the extension plans

The debate, which brought together a large number of local stakeholders, associations, professionals and politicians, focused on plans to convert the maritime terminal and extend the container terminal. The latter project was revised downwards following recent studies highlighting the importance of more stringent environmental and financial requirements. Finally, environmental monitoring needs to be established to observe air quality and possible noise pollution.

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Greenport Conference Amsterdam: AIVP leads the session on port-city integration

The conference has brought together more than 150 professionals from the port world, many of whom are experts in the environment and sustainable development. The opening session was followed by a workshop on port-city integration, moderated by the AIVP strategic adviser on the integration of ports with society. Apart from the need to introduce strategies to reduce the environmental impact of port activities, the workshop stressed the importance of maintaining contact with all the stakeholders.

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The Le Havre Port Center inaugurates its exhibition on “the Trades of the Dockers”

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The port of Brest shortlisted for the 9th edition of the ESPO AWARD 2017

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Tenerife: City and Port come together at the #SantaCruceros2017 festival

FACOCIP is a city-port structure created to improve city-port cohesion. The object is to develop listening expertise in order to respond to the demands of all the groups involved. The organisation of events like this festival is among the measures taken to improve integration while developing a common feeling of belonging.

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The Port of Lyons (CNR) organises a visiting-day for people to discover this river port platform, largely unknown to the public

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Port management: recruit human capital from outside

More and more, port management requires multiple competences stimulated by other fields and not strictly limited to port affairs. New job descriptions continue to appear, some of which are still unknown. And yet port managers have always been recruited from within the shipping and maritime world. Today it would appear that, for the new generation of Managers, it will be necessary to bring in people from “outside” who are capable of providing new inspiration, especially in the fields of new technologies, energy and the capacity to form associations.

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The three ports of HAROPA (Paris, Rouen, Le Havre) celebrate Heritage Days

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San Diego: For 10 years the port has been organising Environment Months, with numerous events for the general public

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San Francisco and Genoa sign a cooperation agreement including both education and more innovative waterfront development

Among the various projects for interchange of experiences in the areas of cruise ships, energy and technology, Porto Antico of Genoa will work together with the Exploratorium science centre in San Francisco to complete the display for its “Citta dei Bambini” interpretation centre. In return, Genoa has been able to promote interest in the AIVP Port Centre concept among the port-city community. San Francisco will therefore have support for the installation of a future Port Centre.

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Marseilles opens up to citizens with the signature of the Missions Charter by AIVP and the creation of two Port Centers on its port territory

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Five AIVP members shortlisted for the ESPO Award 2017

Thirteen high-quality proposals were debated by the Jury of the 9th ESPO Award (European Sea Ports Organisation), an annual honour given in recognition of a port authority that has demonstrated a genuine and original commitment to reforging links with its local communities. This year, the European Sea Ports Organisation highlighted the theme of art and culture as a vector for promoting commitment.(Photo ©ESPO)

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Hamburg Cruise Days: an event to dye the port blue

The Blue Port concept, created by the German artist Michael Batz, is going into its sixth year. The artist, who is known for his light installations in big cities like Florence, Berlin and Salzburg, lights up the port landscape. On this occasion, several big cruise liners will parade through Hamburg during a weekend offering a wealth of entertainment and recreation.

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