With the Port Centers Charter, the people of Marseilles are back at the heart of the port-city relationship!

Stakeholders in the territory of Marseilles have turned out in large numbers to sign the AIVP Missions Charter of a Port Center. Marseilles, France’s largest port city, joins the thirteen international port cities that are already signatories. The charter, which was ratified on Thursday 14 September at the Smartcity Forum, centres on the object of opening the port to the city’s population, involving the Port of Marseilles Fos, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseilles, Provence, the Bouches du Rhône Department and the Metropolis of Marseilles, and cities of Marseilles, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, Fos-sur-Mer and Port-de-Bouc.

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The regional government to support the creation of an innovation hub at the port of Seville

The education and innovation hub will help businesses become more competitive, offering tailor-made training courses more tuned to the needs of companies in the port community. The aim is to improve the qualifications of port workers and generate social and economic value for the local area.

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Ocean Hackathon in Brest: registrations now open

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Port study classes in Lorient (France): new year, new workshop

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Opinion: “France reconquers her ports”

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The new signs for the Port of Strasbourg – fun and aimed at all ages.

In the context of VALPORT, the overall project to improve the quality of the port’s public spaces, the Port of Strasbourg has completely reformulated its signs to achieve integrated signposting of the port zone, for companies and the public.

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The Panama Canal celebrates its 103rd anniversary with cultural and academic events

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The Port Center of Le Havre promotes its programme of activities as part of the city’s 500th anniversary celebrations

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Trieste named Science Capital in 2020. The honour is also an opportunity to promote maritime and port knowledge

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Zeno D’Agostino, President of the Port of Trieste: “introducing people to the port…absolutely vital to promoting understanding of the port’s importance for the city”.

The 5th “Open Port” event brought together 600 people with an updated, more ambitious programme. Tours of the terminals, meetings with professionals and a complete immersion in the port’s operational landscape all proved highly popular with the visitors. In the words of one: “when you have a port at the heart of your city, tours should be mandatory for all residents”.

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Montreal: the “History of Ships” exhibition opens its doors this summer

Marking the start of efforts to create the future Port Center at the Port of Montreal’s new ferry terminal, this exhibition invites city residents to discover the history and present of the maritime industry. As a signatory to the Port Center Missions Charter, the Port of Montreal has for some years been committed to this societal integration approach, with the aim of developing a more integrated and inclusive approach with residents and other local partners.

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Venice: new port show “Porto in Onda: echi dalle banchine” launched on the Ca’ Foscari online university radio

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The Mayor of Seville invites port businesses to take part in the city’s social and cultural life and to be more “visible” to citizens

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Antwerp: the Flemish government launches the port heroes and heroines initiative!

anvers_gm_17juillet2017The title of port hero or heroine will be awarded to those with a strong social commitment or involved in efforts to reduce the port’s environmental footprint. The Flemish government has identified six missions (employment, quality of life, innovative agriculture, the natural environment, sustainable mobility and discovering the port) as being of crucial societal importance for the port city.

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Rotterdam: the Offshore exhibition proves a big hit with the public

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Überseestadt, the old port quarter of Bremen, renovates its Infocenter

bremen_gm_juillet10The centre has been open since 2004, but it has now been completely renovated in order to show the historical development of this ancient port territory. The old port quarter, now mainly offering leisure activities and accommodation, still has a few activities linked with the maintenance and use of waterways.

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Port owner and operator Forth Ports (UK) offers a week-long programme to learn about the career opportunities associated with port activity

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4th Citizen Port Meeting of the AIVP dealing with the topic of Port Centers and social integration of ports

Organized in partnership with the Port Club of the Fnau, the Agency of town planning of Le Havre and the Port Center of Le Havre, this meeting gathered together about forty delegates of France, of Italy, of Ireland and of the Netherlands. The discussions and presentations were  focused on why and how to develop a sustainable city/port/citizen relationship through animation, information and education tools and Port Centers.


Contact: gmarini@aivp.org

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The Namibian port city of Lüderitz plans to build a maritime museum combined with a research centre for the University of Science and Technology

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The Port of Brussels and the Brussels Port Community sign up to the AIVP Port Center Missions Charter

signature chartebruxelles_2017juin30 The Charter was signed in front of an audience of more than 260 delegates attending the AIVP Days, where the theme was animation in the port city. Since Port Centers are a key component of such animation, more and more AIVP members are committing to creating them. They now include the Brussels Port Community, represented by Mohammed Jabour(President of the Port of Brussels), Olivier Auvray (Vice-President of the Port of Brussels) and Michel de Bièvre (President of the Brussels Port Community), who came together on 30 June to officially mark their commitment to the approach, which includes plans to open a Port Center in the next two years.

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