The Province of Genoa and the Port Authority, members of the Genoa Port Center, signed the 21st of October a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Port Center of Antwerp and the Worldwide Network of Port Cities (AIVP) to spread the concept to Europe and the world. The aim of this Memorandum is to strengthen the alliance between International Port Centers, to promote their model and to share experiences, problems and solutions.

The MoU is also the establishment of a first Network of Port Centers. The signature took place in Genoa’s Palazzo San Giorgio headquarters of the Port Authority, together with Francesco de Simone, Councillor in charge of Education at the Province of Genova, Luigi Merlo, President of the Port Authority of Genoa (the two members of the Genoa Port Center, founded two years ago), Philippe Demoulin, General Manager of Havencentrum Lillo of Antwerp, the first port center in Europe and part of the Province of Antwerp, and Jean-Pierre Lecomte, president of AIVP (Worldwide Network of Port Cities), former president of the Port of Le Havre. The initiative responds also to the endeavours of ESPO (European Sea Port Organization) in favour of a social integration policy between the respective ports and urban territories.

The protocol will initially last for 3 years.

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Memorandum of Understanding – Antwerp, Genova, AIVP
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