Genoa Port Centres, represented by Giambattista D’Aste, General Secretary of the Genoa Port Authority and Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the port of Montreal signed on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 the Missions Charter of a Port Centre.

A Founder Member of the Port Center Network in 2011 together with the Lillo Port Centre (Havencentrum Lillo) and AIVP, the Genoa Port Centre was created in 2009 by a group of interested parties in Genoa: Province, University, Port Authority, Coast Guard and Porto Antico spa. Genoa has been carrying out innovative actions for more than 25 years to promote the “remaritimisation” of the port region and its community; the most important of these is the creation of the Port Centre, which multiplies these initiatives and opens the port increasingly to the city and its inhabitants.

Today, this dynamic is shared extensively by AIVP members in every continent. The monumental presence and territorial importance ports have left a strong stamp on cities’ identities. This is why the Port of Montreal is also considering setting up a Port Centre. It has decided to ratify the charter so as to apply its principles when this project is executed.

The Missions Charter of a Port Centre defines in ten points the essential challenges and objectives of any Port Centre. It has now been signed by six port-cities which have a Port Centre or a Port Centre project: Antwerp Havencentrum Lillo, Genoa Port Centre, Le Havre Port Centre, Leghorn Port Centre,  Ashdod Visitor Centre and the Management of the Port of Montreal.

The Missions Charter of a Port Centre aims to accompany all those who are interested in opening  their ports to the public, making young people aware of port-related professions and activities, and developing the emergence of a living port-city culture.

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