Copyright: Paolo Bosso
Copyright: Paolo Bosso

Over 100 delegates from the Livorno Region and other port cities in Italy participated in the inauguration of the Livorno Port Center, followed by a dedicated workshop on how developing a more sustainable and integrated relationship between port city and citizens.

The presentations of Philippe MATTHIS, president of AIVP, Eamonn O’REILLY, CEO of the Port of Dublin, Henk de BRUIJN, Director of Social Affairs at the Port of Rotterdam, focused on the importance to reach out to the public and the youngsters by investing in human capital through education and culture. A round table followed the presentations with Umberto MASUCCI, President of International Propeller Club, Philippe DEMOULIN, Director of the Port Center Lillo, Filippo NOGARIN, Mayor of Livorno and Giuliano GALLANTI Commissioner of Livorno Port Authority. Also former president of AIVP, G. GALLANTI insisted on the growing need of a port to have an attractive and strong city as a partner on his side.

This event was organised by the Port Authority of Livorno, in collaboration with Assoporti and AIVP.

The Livorno Port Center
Situated inside the Fortezza Vecchia, a beautiful old fortress at the interface between the cruise terminal and the city of Livorno, the Port Center is the final step of an already existing program initiated 8 years ago, called the “Porto Aperto”. This program (including on-site visits inside the port) will continue to be proposed to all schoolchildren of the city. The Port Center will be the starting point for them to discover and understand the activities and jobs offered by the port.
The Port Authority of Livorno is member of the AIVP Port Center Network since 2010.

PPT Presentations of the Workshop:

Links for downloading photos of the event:

Reportage of Paolo Bosso, Informazioni Marittime on the Port Center of Livorno

Copyright : Paolo Bosso
Copyright : Paolo Bosso
Copyright : Paolo Bosso
Copyright : Paolo Bosso

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Successful inauguration of the Livorno Port Center on November 3rd, 2015

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