The Port Center Network (PCN) has the ambition to

• Federate and develop collaboration between the existing initiatives
• Giving a better visibility and promote port centres all over the world
• Introducing a more clear port city dimension in order to enhance their collaboration
• Offering a benchmark platform for new initiatives looking for successful experiences
• Make collaborate in a more proactive way citizen, port community and the academic world
• Get more interested the economic actors to participate and support

PCN Members that have signed the Charter:

  • Port Center d’Anvers – Belgium
    Contact : Petra Praet, Communications Advisor
  • Genoa Port Center – Italy
    Contact : Laura GHIO, Port Authority of Genoa,
  • Livorno Port Center – Italy
    Contact: Francesca MORUCCI (Port of Livorno),
  • Port Center Le Havre – France
    Contact: Marie SARFATY (Port of Le Havre),
  • Port city of Montreal – Canada
    Contact: Sophie ROUX, Vice-présidente, affaires publiques, Administration portuaire de Montréal,
  • Port of Ashdod – Visitors Center – Israel
    Contact: Rinat COHEN KLANG, Director of the Visitors Center,
  • Port City of Dublin, France
    Contact: Pat WARD, Head of Corporate Services,
  • Transnet National Ports Authority, South Africa
    Contact: Phyllis DIFETO, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Transnet National Ports Authority
  • Port of Guadeloupe and its port city community, France
    Contact: Viviane FRANCOIS JULIEN, Directeur de la Communication et des Relations Institutionnelles,
  • Port City of Lorient
    Contact: Franck ANTICH, Directeur d’étude-pôle aménagement économique,
  • Port Authority of Quebec
    Contact: Anick METIVIER, Directeur, Responsabilité citoyenne,
  • Vancouver Fraser Port Authority – Discovery Center
    Contact: Gillian BEHNKE, Manager, Community Relations & Communications,
  • Port Authority of Brussels and Port Community of Brussels (CPB)
    Contact: Valérie Tanghe, directrice marketing & développement ,
  • Port of Marseille
    Contact: Géraldine Planque, Chargée de mission Conseil de Développement et collectivités territoriales,

Actif PCN Members that have not yet signed the Charter:

  • Musée Portuaire de Dunkerque – France
    Contact : Delphine TALEUX-GRISOT , Secrétaire Générale (Musée Portuaire) –
  • Port of Trieste
    Contact: Vanna Coslovich, Servizio relazioni esterne,
  • Port City of Paris, France
    Contact: Céline LONGEPEE, Directrice de la Communication et des relations extérieurs –
  • EIC Mainport Rotterdam
    Contact: Mary DOTSCH, Director,
  • Port of Venise
    Contact: Federica Bosello, Head of Promotion, Communication and Institutional Relations,

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