Founded in 1988, the worldwide network of port cities, brings together the urban and port stakeholders in the development of cities and ports as well as their partners. AIVP provides a forum for the men and women who make the port cities progress towards stronger competitiveness whilst improving the quality of life for their inhabitants.

AIVP, organize international events which today have become essential rendezvous for stakeholders in the modernity and the development of port cities: port authorities, municipalities and local authorities, private companies, universities and research institutes, etc. International contacts, exchanges of experience, and putting into value projects and achievements are at the heart of our actions and are followed daily by a team of professionals. AIVP also propose personalised services enabling you to better comprehend the national and international context of port cities, to position your projects and enhance them, to make the wider public aware of the richness and diversity of port cities. We have been working for more than twenty years for the Excellence of worldwide port cities.