Genoa Port Center (GPC) – Exhibition & Educational Center of the port of Genoa, is a public entity established in 2009 by Province of Genoa, along with Port Authority of Genoa, Italian Coast Guard, Genoa University – Department of Economics transport, and a public company that has a concession to the Old Port waterfront, where the center is located.

Port community of private and public co-founded with funds, goods and services. Currently, GPC is managed by Province and Port Authority and supported by a local bank foundation. The GPC’s mission is to connect the port and the region; improve the social image of the port; enhance the tangible heritage of harbour structures and the intangible of organizational, technical and professional port-based knowledge; promote both culture of economy and culture technique in a framework of environmental and social sustainability; hold tight the relationship between schools and enterprises; promote vocations among young people for careers facing the sea and port logistics. It addresses both young people and the general public, welcoming 10.000 visitors each year.

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Video explaining the jobs in the port – made by the Genoa Port Center in collaboration with the City of Genova

Genoa Port Center Website

Intervention of Hilda Ghiara (13th Port City World Conference June 2012 in Nantes Saint-Nazaire)