The Havencentrum Lillo (Port Center Lillo) is a non-profit autonomous entity established by the Province of Antwerp in 1988. The Port Center, managed by Philippe Demoulin (on the left) and its staff, has the mission to promote the port of Antwerp as the driver for economic development in the province, by informing youngsters, generating public support, and assisting port companies. It addresses both young people and the general public, welcoming over 49.000 visitors per year.

One of the main activities consists in offering guided tours of the harbour area to schools, associations and companies. There you have the possibility to learn about the harbour and the ships, meeting its people and seeing the work that goes on in the port area. This unique experience to get close to the everyday life, is one of the main issues that allows citizens and children to understand and appreciate the real value of the port and its activities.

In the Port Center building, Havencentrum Lillo offers to the visitors supplementary information about the world of the harbour. Alongside videos and guest speakers, this is done primarily by the interactive exhibition where you can actively discover additional aspects of the world of the harbour and of transport.

The Port Center also disseminates its knowledge using various publications and software applications. For example, for each tour they provide a printed guide and they have various background reading packs for school groups, which vary by age group and type of student.

General PDF presentation in french to download

Presentation of Philippe Demoulin during World Port City Conference in Buenos Aires 2010  with Checklist

Presentation of Philippe Demoulin 10th of March 2014


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