Statements from members of the Port Center Network

Rudy De Meyer – General Manager
APB HAVENCENTRUM, Antwerp, Belgium

The Port Center brings young people to this mostly unknown and spectacular world. We take them to places and companies where they would otherwise never come and show them the future opportunities in this world port. By offering the youngsters an experience in the real life port, we build a bridge between their studies and future job. This way the Port Center secures a prosperous future for the port.



Stefano Corsini – President AUTORITÀ PORTUALE DI LIVORNO, Italy

This allows [the port] to become attractive to a larger public, including passengers and tourists interested in experiencing the atmosphere of a port-city place. In accordance with the Mission Charter of a Port Center, this structure strives to establish a bridge connection between the whole port community and the territory.


Sophie Roux – VP affaires publiques

The Port also maintains on-going dialogue with citizens and works to support the community. Open days, neighbourhood committees, local investment and public consultations on port projects are just some examples of how citizens are treated as active stakeholders, in the same way as business partners. A port centre represents a natural next step for the Port’s social responsibility to the community.

Founding members

First Port Center Meeting in Le Havre in 2010The first Port Center meeting was held on Thursday 28th February 2010 in Le Havre. There, the managers of the Port Centers of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Genoa met for a day of exchanges of experience.

AIVP had the pleasure of welcoming Philippe Demoulin, Manager of the Havencentrum Lillo in Antwerp, Jaap Luikenaar, Manager of the EIC Rotterdam and Hilda Ghiara, Director of the Genoa Port Center. They presented their Port Centers and the importance of the concept for the port cities of today and determined the possible bases of collaboration between AIVP and the existing or planned Port Centers.

Since then, several other meetings and workshops dedicated to the issue of educating young people and citizens to understand better the port and their related activities were organised by AIVP andwere a great success with its members. Lorient and Le Havre, Barcelona, Livorno and several other Port Cities are starting to implement educational strategies and projects giving thus a real identity to the growing Port Center Network.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in October 2011 between Lillo Havencentrum Antwerp, the Port and the Province of Genoa (Administration Authorities of the Genoa Port Center) and AIVP pushes the development of a more concrete phase of collaboration and marks the official launch of the Port Center Network with other Port Cities in the world. Learn more about the MoU!

Presentation of the founding Members: