Publié par  2 juin, 2015 1:42

Carlos Moreno
Professeur, Conseiller Scientifique
Expert Villes intelligentes – Paris, France

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Puissants mais aussi vulnérables, les villes ports demandent une réflexion particulière quand on parle de Smart Cities

As a University Professor, Carlos Moreno is an expert on smart control of complex systems. Deeply committed to science, progress, creativity…, he strives to bring together scientific disciplines and professionals in the innovation ecosystem from industry to start-ups with a particular focus on a cross-disciplinary approach. His work gives him the opportunity to develop the concept of the Smart City – Living City – and now he appears as a well known player. Chairing the Scientific Committee of the International Forum of the Human Smart City, Live in a living City, he wants to promote a vision of the Smart City of tomorrow, a city which puts people and life through services and in the heart of the issues. Since June 2013, he is respectively member of the Scientific Council of the Conseil Supérieur de la Formation et de la Recherche Stratégiques (CSFRS) and of the Scientific Council of Mines-Télécom.

Ville intelligente, complexité, durabilité, numérique, innovation