Maurice JANSEN

Publié par  26 juillet, 2017 8:56

MSc. studied Business Administration
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To innovate is to allow creative tension, cooperation rather than conflict. Effective port partnerships connect past to present, city to sea, pleasure to profit, and people to port.

Maurice Jansen, MSc. studied Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He was born, raised and educated with the port of Rotterdam in his backyard. Over almost two decades he dedicated his career on ports, transportation and logistics, working as a consultant at a non-asset based supply chain management company and later as the pioneering head of department of the Netherlands Maritime University at STC-Group. At present Maurice is engaged in higher education and research in particular on port strategy and port development. With his research project ‘Building ports with partnerships’ he seeks answers to the question how knowledge transfer mechanisms can foster inclusive public-private port partnerships.

Port-city partnerships, Corporate social responsibility, Community engagement, Inclusive growth, Learning and development, Port innovation