:Corporación Puerto Madero was created in 1989, with the specific purpose of urbanizing the 170 hectares owned by the old Buenos Aires port. Its unique management model improved the interaction among the different state authorities promoting an urban development without any overlapping competencies and unifying the different interventions. The old port’s restructuration and its integration to the city of Buenos Aires was one of the most successful urban projects in Latin America and consolidated the company at international level. Puerto Madero project is a case studied in prestigious international schools and universities. In fact we were chosen by AIVP (The worldwide network of port cities) among over 190 ports around the world to be part of the 30th anniversary selection: 10 videos showing the main port cities, that will we valorized in the network during this year World Conference in Quebec, Canada. Today, our Company’s mission is to implement big urban projects. The interventions seek to abide by the public policy market by promoting social inclusion, economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability.



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