Dock infos N°90, april 2014

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Interchange, innovation, projects…

Jean-Pierre LecomteYou have demonstrated your appreciation of the international interchanges of experience that we organise on a regular basis. We receive extensive feed-back expressing your satisfaction at finding good examples or specialists for your problems at our AIVP Days or World Conferences. This year, I am sure that our AIVP Days at Genoa on 26th to 28th June and our World Conference in South Africa at Durban and Cape Town on 3rd to 8th November will once again help you to make faster progress towards your goals for your city and port, applying innovative projects which will unite the living forces of your port city.

We know that your time is valuable and that your expectations of AIVP are legitimate. That is why we try to ensure that the themes which we address respond to your basic concerns: employment through the development of new industries and new professions in port cities in the case of the Genoa meeting and the development of new port-city strategies for sustainable development, the “smart port-city”, at Durban. Interchange, innovation, projects, our aim is to help you to build a port city which can respond to today’s challenges. I look forward to seeing you at Genoa and Durban to join the debate.

Jean-Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

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