Port-City Governance

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SEFACIL Port-City governanceThis third publication by the Sefacil Foundation aims to explore innovative practices from City-Port projects.  It has been produced in partnership with AIVP and is freely available. Its objective is to offer a practical and academic toolkit for both the professional and academic worlds.

Port-City Governance crosses continents to analyse all aspects of port-city governance and to identify current and future issues. The diversity of circumstances and characteristics require delicate decision-making. Port-City Governance brings together thirty contributors and experts from 15 different countries, covering evidence and analyses from 5 continents!

This third volume from the “Oceanids” Collection, with a preface from the AIVP President, revolves around five academic chapters tackling eight international experiences. Four prospective essays complete this reflection on the Smart Port-city. The OECD concludes the work by addressing the effectiveness of port-city relations whilst three renowned experts deliver their recommendations in the postscript.

AIVP Preface
Jean Pierre Lecomte – Download (text in french)

Introductory Chapter
Yann Alix – Download (text in french)

Conclusion: The effectiveness of port-city governance
Olaf Merk – Download (text in english)

Sylvie Vachon, Ulrich Andriantiana, Antoni Vives – Download

Part 1: Academic contributions 

Chapter 1: The urban approach to port-city governance
Jeanne-Hélène Jugie – Download (text in french)

Chapter 2: Geographic considerations in port-city governance
Dr Claude Comtois – Download (text in french)

Chapter 3: Integrating “Triple P”  bottom line per performance and the license to operate for ports: towards new partnerships between port cluster stakeholders
Michaël Dooms – Download (text in english)

Chapter 4: The City-Port Relationship: its evolution, changing dynamics and challenges for port authorities
Franc J. – Pigna – Download (text in english)

Chapter 5: A broader approach to port-city governance
Yann Alix, Brigitte Daudet – Download (text in french)

Part 2: Sharing International Experiences

Capsule 1: From Shipyard to Brainyard – The redevelopment of RDM as an example of a contemporary port-city relationship
Isabelle M.J. Vries – Download (text in english)

Capsule 2: Durban and its Port: An Investigation into the relationship between the City and port of Durban
A Maharaj, Andrew A. Mather – Download (text in english)

Capsule 3: Port-city governance in Spain
José Llorca Ortega – Download  (text in spanish)

Capsule 4: Port and City Governance – The case of Japan
Satoshi InoueDownload (text in english)

Capsule 5: Reflections on the future of port-city relations in Western and Central
Yann Alix & Rigobert Ikambouayat Deka – Download (text in french)

Capsule 6: Challenges for the cruise industry and port-city governance: the case of the Caribbean
Ibrahim Ajagunna, Fritz Pinnock – Download (text in english)

Capsule 7: Shared Values:  Breaking the paradigm for a new port-city relationship
Harald Jaeger, Franco Gandolfo, Cristián Calvetti, Marcelo López, Cristián Moreno
Download – (text in spanish)

Capsule 8: Port-city governance: Vancouver Case Study
Peter V. Hall – Download

Part 3: Smart Port-city: Prospective essays

Professional capsule 9: The role of culture in new methods of port-city governance
Marlène Renault – Download (text in french)

Professional capsule 10: Port Center: to develop a renewed port-city relationship by improving a shared port culture
Hilda Ghiara, Philippe Demoulin, Greta Marini – Download (text in english)

Professional capsule 11: Port-City governance faced with a low-carbon society: the example of Marseille-Fos
Nicolas Mat, Juliette Cerceau, Guillaume Junqua, Frédéric Dagnet, Hervé Moine – Download (text in french)

Professional capsule 12: When a shipping company creates transparency, empowerment and engagement through social media: the case of Maersk Line
Annette Agerdal-Hjermind – Download (text in english)


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