Port of San Diego (United States) : Toward an active membership

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The Port of San Diego in the United States just joined AIVP’s Worldwide Network of Port-Cities. This new north-American member demonstrates the commitment to the lessons drawn from Durban’s world conference and Dublin’s AIVP Days, two events organized by the AIVP.

The Port of San Diego is the fourth largest of California’s eleven public ports and ranks in the top third of the United States’ 360 commercial seaports for foreign trade imports by short tons. It is one of seventeen strategic commercial ports in the U.S. designated by the United States Maritime Administration.

Very Recently (June 2015), the Port of San Diego took the decision to become an active member of the AIVP – The Worldwide Network of Port Cities. This membership, initiated during the Durban’s conference (South Africa) has been concretized just after Dublin’s AIVP Days (Ireland). Those two events fostered the wish and necessity for the Port of San Diego to apply the lessons drawn from these conferences.

The participants of the worldwide conference in Durban debated on the many possible approaches to choose for tomorrow’s Smart Port City. In Dublin, the talks focused on the different ways of adapting working waterfronts to the challenges that are facing port cities.

One of San Diego’s challenges consists in redeveloping and modernize its infrastructures, notably for the cruise ship tourism. In 2014, the port recorded 170 000 visitors. The international exchanges and mutual learning opportunities offered by the AIVP turn out to be very useful for the actors involved into AIVP’s thematic areas.

To learn more about the Port of San Diego: www.portofsandiego.org

To learn more about the services offered by the AIVP: cmonnet@aivp.org and mloir@aivp.org


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