Chile hit by an earthquake: extensive destruction along the coast

Published by  25 September, 2015 10:06 am Leave your thoughts

Chile was hit by a major earthquake on 16 September 2015, followed by a tsunami which fortunately was quite small. There were several strong aftershocks. AIVP sends its support and sympathy to Chilean port cities which have suffered yet another heavy blow.

Dialogue between port authorities and all kinds of organisations along the coastline is essential both for setting up protective measures for people and property against the devastating effects of these phenomena and for managing crisis situations. We are reminded of this by the exemplary behaviour of Chilean port cities. Our hearts go out to our Chilean friends!

The port cities of Valparaiso and San Antonio are active members of AIVP; Coquimbo, the closest port to the epi-centre, is expected to join the network.



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