The Brussels Port Community (CPB) in Rouen with AIVP on 12 and 13 November 2015

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001_rouen-marégraphes1_copyright-gpmr-haropaSome 25 Brussels-based entrepreneurs met leaders from Grand Port Maritime de Rouen, and the recently created Métropole Rouen Normandie, which is set to join AIVP in 2016. The discussions afforded an opportunity to compare the challenges posed by city-port relations in Rouen and Brussels. This study trip was organised by the CPB, with support from AIVP.

Grand Port Maritime de Rouen, which along with Le Havre and Paris now forms part of HAROPA, the vast port complex along the Seine, has the dual distinction of being both France’s leading cereal port, and also a sea port with infrastructures all along the 120 kilometres of the Seine between Rouen city centre and the Estuary. Also a major industrial port, Rouen’s sustainable development requires economic operators, local communities and the port authority to work together in harmony. The challenges faced by Rouen and the solutions adopted naturally attracted the attention of the CPB’s representatives, who themselves have the difficult task of ensuring that port and industrial installations along the Canal Maritime are able to co-exist alongside the urban needs of a capital city.

The programme of discussions included presentations and tours of areas set aside for development of the quays on Rouen’s right bank, the “Espace des Marégraphes”, which have been renovated to improve the attraction of the waterfront. Meanwhile, the CPB delegation, accompanied by AIVP President Philippe Matthis, gained an insight into the strategies used to integrate port and industrial infrastructures within the urban and environmental context of the Seine valley downstream from Rouen. Representatives from the Métropole Rouen Normandie spoke about their organisation’s commitment to integrating the port dynamic and developing city-port partnerships. This is reflected in plans to create the ambitious “Flaubert” eco-district on the left bank, which should eventually be home to 10,000 residents, along with the new institution’s headquarters.

The Brussels Port Community and the Grand Port Maritime de Rouen are members of AIVP.
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