Dock infos N°98, december 2015

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A future that will necessarily be more respectful of our planet

Dock infos N°98, december 2015It is hard not to wonder whether we are on the right path. Terrorist threats, global climate and environmental crisis, the migrant crisis, economic problems of all kinds all over the planet… all is not well in the world. It is plain to see every day, that we are all – both individually and collectively – in some way affected by the climate of fear for ourselves and our children. What we lauded as the ideal development model has negative impacts that we have failed to appreciate, and is now coming up against the bitter reality of our world and its limited resources.

As we begin to realise this, the time to act is upon us. We will have no choice but to build our future differently together – a future that will necessarily be more respectful of our planet and each of its inhabitants. The good news is that we are already doing just that. Encouraging signs of change are emerging all around us: education levels are rising fast, national leaders have met in Paris to pledge greater responsibility in the face of climate change, communities are working to promote sustainable development in myriad ways… All of these signs suggest there is tremendous hope for change. I know that all of you, as vital stakeholders in the development of port cities, will have an active part to play. I wish you success in all of your efforts in 2016, both professionally and personally, as we build this new world together.

Philippe Matthis
AIVP President

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