Dock infos N°99, february 2016

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United for success

Dock infos N°99, february 2016For AIVP’s members, 2016 will be a year particularly rich in events in port cities, whose diversity reflects particularly well the richness of our own network. In addition, of course, to our 15th world conference, which is due to take place in Rotterdam in early October, this year’s activities will kick off in April in Antwerp, where AIVP’s Port Center Network group will hold a new seminar on societal integration. Then it will be on to Lorient, France, to learn about the city’s plans as part of a study trip in May, and the following month we will be in Malaga, Spain, for our 2016 General Meeting and another round of AIVP Days. In July, Ningbo will be the setting for AIVP’s first regional meeting in China.

A first-rate programme, designed to promote the development of port cities.
The events and activities have been carefully chosen to enable you to develop your own projects and professional network. New partnerships are being forged between cities and ports, while every day new economic, social and environmental challenges drive us to innovate in our search for new solutions. Many of you joined us in 2015, not only to share and exchange ideas and information, but also to raise your profiles internationally and make yourselves known. The Board of Directors and myself are proud to continue the work that began almost 30 years ago, to play an active part in the success of your city, your port.

Philippe Matthis
President of AIVP

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