AIVP hosts a working group on sustainable urban planning (02/02/2016)

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© AURH, february 2016The delegation, made up of around twenty French professionals, is part of a working group created to exchange best practices in the field of sustainable urban planning. For this year, they have chosen to focus on the global costs of development operations.

The delegation was accompanied by representatives from the City of Le Havre and the Le Havre Planning Agency (AURH), a long-standing member of AIVP who had asked us to organise this meeting at our offices.

The delegation forms part of a working group directed by ADEME (the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) and led by strategic urban development consultancy “Quelleville?”. The working group includes a number of different institutions, such as EPFN (state land management body), DREAL (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Development and Housing), social landlords, communities, banks. The group aims to share best practices in the field of sustainable urban planning, and has chosen as its principal theme for 2015 and 2016 the creation of a common reference base for the global cost of development operations.

The visit afforded an opportunity to provide an overview of AIVP’s work, but also to show the development potential represented by city-port interfaces, and the various issues encountered when planning the city with the port. AIVP’s Guide of Good Practices, its recommendations and the real-life examples it contains, served to fuel the debate before the participants went to see Le Havre’s own city/port interface for themselves, visiting the southern districts of the city in which AIVP’s offices are located.



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