Dock infos N°101, june 2016

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Mega-ships: which impacts for port-cities?

Dock infos N°101, june 2016This year’s annual general meeting of our association in Malaga will once again be an opportunity to bring together all those with a stake in the sustainable development of port communities. In Malaga we will be debating the issue of mega-ships, not just the shipping behemoths but also the giant cruise liners, which for many of us are a very real manifestation of globalisation, and perhaps of its excesse… Port authorities and local communities need to work together to devise new strategies.

New social and environmental considerations such as climate change and energy issues often mean difficult choices must be made, between economic growth and the need to preserve our common resources. Our strategies are clearly not always shared by our partners in the maritime shipping industry, as they look to impose their own vision and economic model, while raising the threat of relocating business and jobs elsewhere. In the face of what in some cases can only be called blackmail threatening economic growth and employment for our local territories and regions, it is essential for port communities to put aside their legitimate rivalries and stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. AIVP is a forum for debate that gives a voice to every stakeholder, but we also need to be able to stand up and affirm our values, when we believe they are fair and necessary for the common good.

Philippe Matthis
President of’AIVP

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