Developing the cruise business in Casablanca: AIVP offers support to SMIT – Société Marocaine d’Ingénierie Touristique

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smit_1047 SMIT has approached AIVP to enlist the network’s help with its study on the development of the cruise industry in Casablanca. The study covers a range of aspects, including economic development strategy, ways of making the destination more attractive for tourism, and also promoting the urban integration and development of the cruise business locally.

AIVP proposed a preliminary benchmarking exercise in Le Havre, which took place on 31 August and 1 September and was attended by Ms Meryem HAMOUDA, Head of Research at SMIT’s Strategy and Planning Department, and Ms Amina TOUZANI, Head of Strategic Planning. Cruise activity is growing rapidly in Le Havre, and is seen as a key strategic priority for both the Port and the City.

The exercise was an opportunity to take stock of the challenges for the Casablanca project, and to talk to some local stakeholders in Le Havre who are themselves directly involved in the development of the city’s cruise sector: Valérie Conan, Cruise Director at the Office of Tourism, Charlotte Bellanger, Head of Client Relations at Haropa Port du Havre, and Olivier Forget, Real Estate Development Manager at Haropa Port du Havre. Yves Bouvart, port and maritime expert, also assisted with the exercise.

A tour of the existing cruise terminal helped to stimulate the discussion and provided a clearer insight into the current situation in Le Havre.

SMIT ( joined AIVP’s worldwide network in 2016.


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