Dock infos N°102, september 2016

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New practices, new challenges

Dock infos N°102, septembre 2016The biennial World Conferences Cities & Ports are always exceptional events in the life of AIVP. Prepared well in advance and with great enthusiasm, they are an opportunity to mobilise our global network around themes selected for their key relevance to the challenges and projects of today’s port cities. They also bring together the community of AIVP members, active stakeholders in the development of cities and ports, some of whom have been following our work assiduously for over 20 years.

The quality of these exchanges is now well established, and I am naturally proud that it has been recognised by our institutional, economic and political partners. For the Board of Directors and the General Management team in Le Havre, it is a source of deep satisfaction and an incentive to continue our efforts.

This year in Rotterdam, we will be taking the exchange of experience to new levels with new initiatives such as the Port City Labs. We have enlisted top specialists to coordinate and lead our workshops and discussions. I would like to thank them for the energy they have shown, working alongside us to organise this event with our partners: the City and the Port of Rotterdam. I have no doubt that this 15th Conference will be a new milestone for AIVP, and will open up the path towards new practices and new challenges. We are grateful to all our delegates for their energy and enthusiasm.

Philippe Matthis
President of’AIVP

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