Lorient’s Port Center website goes online

Published by  12 April, 2018 3:13 pm Leave your thoughts

Having signed the Port Center Missions Charter in 2016, port community stakeholders in Lorient have now opened a digital Port Center, in the form of a website explaining and highlighting the port. The website, at www.lorientportcenter.com carries the official “Port Center By AIVP” label.

Stakeholders from Lorient’s port community who came together around the project understand that three-way dialogue between the city, port and citizens is beneficial for the territory as a whole. AIVP, which has given its full backing to this project, is delighted to see it successfully brought to fruition and congratulates the partners involved.

Since 2016, a large Port Center working group has been actively implementing the project, led by Audélor, and bringing together the main stakeholders in the port territory (Lorient Agglomération, the City of Lorient, the Regional Council, SEM Lorient Keroman, the Morbihan CCI (Port of Commerce), SELLOR (marinas), the Espace des Sciences Maison de la Mer, the University of Southern Brittany, the Development Council, Bretagne Pôle Naval, and others.). It has helped define the Lorient Port Center’s local strategy, to introduce an educational approach while promoting port spaces, functions and careers.

The website is merely a start, and will be followed by a newsletter designed to maintain links with users. Hopefully, a physical space will also be created in due course, to welcome members of the public and act as the starting point for port tours, host exhibitions, and so on.

A Port Center is an entertaining and informative place that serves as an interface between citizens, the city and the port, and through which the port can ensure visibility for its missions, projects and careers

The Port Center By AIVP approach entails:


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