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The documentary series about port cities

10 documentaries videos

5 to 10 min each

3 languages

AIVP DOC(k) is a series of documentary teaching videos about port cities of the world.

Through interviews with practisioners, interspersed with international experts, AIVP DOC(k) explains the major changes affecting port cities, in the context of the global challenges facing the world today.

Because the better you know port cities in all their diversity, the more you will love them.

The AIVP DOC(k) videos have been commissioned by AIVP and made with the cooperation of its active members. They are unique teaching tools which we are making available to you free of charge (Creative Commons).

Watch them! Share them! Use them!

City Port: everything starts with trade

History of port cities, history of globalization of maritime trade and history of urban planning in port cities.

... and the abandonned port became waterfont

How to transform brownfields into dynamic waterfront with integrated urban planning?

With containerization in the 60s and 70s, most of the world’s ports - needing ever more space - began to move away from urban centers.

The spaces they left behind gradually fell into disuse.

Since the 1980s, the issue of how to reclaim these spaces has become a key shared concern for ports and cities.

Cruises, between dream and reality

While for some, the growth of the cruise industry is an opportunity, for others such as the residents of the cities visited by cruise ships, it is a highly controversial issue.

Innovating for the port careers of the future

The port cities territories as a source of employment and innovation.

When art and architecture take over the docks

The harbor has always been a source of inspiration for artists and architects.

Is there a specific architecture of port cities?

How can we highlight the beauty of the industrial port landscape with the artists?

City + Port: meeting the challenges of sustainable development

For over 40 years, the themes of ecology and environmental protection have been on the global political agenda.

The core environmental issue today for port cities is the need to strike a balance between their economic and industrial development, respect for nature, biodiversity, and their many different uses.

Port Cities taking action for the climate

The issue of the environment and the emergence of sustainable development go back several decades, with the Rio conference in 1992 marking the rise of the issue globally.

Ports, aware of their responsibility, also have a role to play in the energy transition that is currently needed.

Explain the port, appreciate the port

The process of moving port activities away from urban centers, from the city, and then closing off those spaces for security reasons, is opening up a gap between the port and the public.

Today, the challenge is to rebuild those links.

There is also an issue with public protects against the disturbances caused by port activities to the urban environment.

Faced with this rising pressure from civil society, port authorities have had no choice but to open up to the public and adopt a more conciliatory, inclusive approach.

I order stuff, and it arrives but how?

Goods, trade and logistics.

Being able to purchase something with a click of the mouse results in the shipping of tens of millions of objects, all packed in boxes.

Port Hypermetropolises outgrowing States

We will not be talking about city ports in the next 20 years, but rather bigger territories, or hypermetropolises.