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With 30 years’ recognised experience behind it, AIVP offers its members, for customised costs:

Leading local groups on important themes for your city/port

Let AIVP put your ideas across!

An AIVP expert will offer a presentation-debate in your port city, to a group of local players or citizens, on themes defined in your specifications.


  • – Presentation of the challenges of the integration of port-city interfaces to the citizens of Lorient in the context of the launch of the operation to redevelop the Péristyle district.
  • Presentation about Port Centres and their missions to players in the port city of Dunkirk.

Organisation of benchmarking missions for your projects

Compare your projects with others carried out by port cities to make progress and convince!

An AIVP presenter will accompany you to the sites which you select for your own port city development projects. He will be responsible for talking to local players at each site in order to organise site visits, chosen for their relevance to your problems. Our teams can handle the logistics of your mission.

Example: organisation for the city of Le Havre of a benchmarking mission to 3 sites (Genoa, Barcelona and Rotterdam) in order to help define a strategy for redeveloping derelict port land.

Organisation and monitoring of study missions with the AIVP ‘s network experts

The know-how and communicative ability of experts to support your projects

AIVP will run a mission to audit your problems and/or advise on your projects, from the selection of a network expert to submission of a report containing the conclusions.

Example: organisation of a consultancy mission on the strategic question of integrating local economic players into the port dynamic.

Presentation and/or organisation of themed sessions in the framework of events which you initiate or help to organise

AIVP’s know-how on event organisation to highlight and spread your message

Have your partners asked you to help organise an international event? AIVP will cover your requirements, defining, organising and presenting a work session drawing on international experience and giving weight to your local initiatives.

Example: organisation of a work session for the Grand Port Maritime de Nantes Saint-Nazaire on the theme: “The port, a key partner in shaping the sustainable city”, in the framework of the world conference on sustainable cities “Ecocity” (Nantes, 25/27 September 2013).

Preparing a documents dossier

AIVP’s documentary resources and the skills of its team mobilised in support of your projects

After studying your local problems, AIVP will mobilise the skills of its team and its documentary resources to offer you a dossier of documents on projects and strategies developed by other players for port city development. The object is to clarify your choices and convince your partners.


  • Saudi Trade & Export Development Co. ‘Tusdeer’: “Jeddah Habor – Maritime City” project: international cases of developing a mixed-use real estate community adjacent to a seaport.
  • Atelier 9 Architectes – dossier : Rives de Saône : les nouveaux usages du fleuve.
  • Agence d’Urbanisme de la Région du Havre – dossier : l’animation des vieux bassins…

A study trip focusing on your port city projects

Play the host and earn points with the AIVP team

An on-site programme focused on your projects to allow a restricted group of AIVP members to learn about the projects and ambitions of your port city. An occasion for communication and appreciation also becomes an opportunity for exchanges of ideas which can help improve performance.

Example: Study trip organized in Lisbon – 19 & 20 October 2017 ;  Study trip organized in Lorient – 19 & 20 May 2016 ; Study trip organized in Tangier – 18 & 19 November 2015 ; Study trip organized in Marseilles – 17 & 18 October 2013

Organisation of “turnkey” events to maximise the impact of your projects

The force of conviction of an international network in your port city

  • An international event to highlight the launch of an initiative,
  • commemorate an anniversary,
  • show your local partners that your analysis is right,
  • publicise your projects and achievements on the international scene.

There are always suitable occasions for you to ask AIVP to mobilise its logistic and thematic skills to organise a top level international event in your port city.

Organisation of international meetings

The only events dealing with port city development projects and strategies which are viewed as an international reference

World Conferences

Development of practices and know-how, in the context of sharing experiences between the decision-makers and the economic players involved in port city development.

  • Frequency: every 2 years.
  • Duration: 3 to 5 days.
  • Who attends: port and city decision-makers (elected and technical), researchers and universities, economic and institutional partners in the development of port cities.
  • Participation: 400-500 delegates, from around 50 countries.
  • Discounted inscription fees for members.

Last conferences:


AIVP organises or co-organises the AIVP Meetings on a targeted theme depending on the current concerns of port cities.

  • Frequency: 1 to 2 days.
  • Who attends: AIVP members and guests.
  • Participation: 100-200 people.
  • Discounted inscription fees for members.

Last AIVP Days:

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