Lorient was founded in 1666, when the French East India Company established a base there. In 1791, Lorient moved beyond colonial trade to become a naval port. Between 1880 and 1930, the expansion of trade and then the fishing industry saw the development of major port infrastructures. Some 85% of the town was destroyed during World War II. Sixty years later, Lorient was awarded official "Town of Art and History" status, in recognition of its efforts to preserve and promote its heritage. Today, Lorient is proud of its rich maritime history and identity. The town has transformed its former submarine base into a vibrant economic centre devoted to sailing and ocean racing. The fishing port of Lorient-Keroman remains one of France's leading ports. The commercial port of Kergroise will soon be receiving Panamax vessels. The marina offers 345 berths in the heart of the town. Lorient is also a tourist destination. Every August it plays host to the Inter-Celtic Festival, the annual meeting of Celtic culture, celebrated in Europe and beyond! Key features: City of six ports: fishing port, commercial port, shipyard, marina, passenger terminal, offshore racing centre. Main economic activities: shipbuilding and offshore racing, healthcare, food and marine produce, imagery, mechanics, composites, universities.

VILLE DE LORIENT – Lorient Ville d’art et d’histoire