Durban will host the AIVP World Conference in 2014

webmaster27 March 2013

The Port City of Durban (Ethekwini) in South Africa has been selected by the Board of Directors that took place in Paris (26th March, 2013) to host the  World Conference Cities and Ports in 2014.

(Photo : Andrew Mather, Project Executive – Coastal Policy – Ethekwini Municipality)

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Two candidates to host the next AIVP World Conference

webmaster20 March 2013

The Municipality of Durban (South Africa) and the port-city stakeholders of Genoa (Italy) have both offered to organise the 14th AIVP World Conference. The National Port Agency of Morocco has postponed its candidacy to 2016. The AIVP Board of Directors will make its choice on 26 March 2013.

AIVP Days : Barcelona (Spain), 13-14 December 2012

webmaster29 November 2012

Discover a first list of participants

Two weeks away from the opening of this AIVP Days seminar of Barcelona, have a look at the first list of participants. Already we have noted representatives coming from about twenty countries. This augurs for rich discussions and exchanges profitable for all, the more so since this list should double by the 13th December.

AIVP Days : Barcelona (Spain), 13-14 December 2012

webmaster21 November 2012

Only 3 more weeks to register !

On 13 December next, the AIVP Days of Barcelona will be opened.

Two days of discussions with speakers coming from Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, Israel and Spain will then commence.

AIVP Days : Barcelona (Spain), 13-14 December 2012

Corinne MONNET14 November 2012

The programme proposed for this AIVP Days Seminar of Barcelona mixes the points of view of specialists and the testimonies of hands-on men and women. All of them are working in international port metropolises or in more modest port cities. However AIVP sees every day that the interest and the exemplary character of initiatives are in no way connected with the size of the port city.

Mauritius hosts the annual seminar of OVPOI

Corinne MONNET24 April 2012

The seminar of the Indian Ocean Observatory of Cities and Ports(1) (OVPOI), organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Port Louis and the Mauritius Port Authority – both members of AIVP and of the Observatory – was held on 12 and 13 April in Mauritius. A success for this second edition which brought together not less than 100 participants, mainly coming from the network of members (South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, Reunion, Mayotte, Comoros, Mozambique, Seychelles and Mauritius) and from certain regional organisations and associations of the Indian Ocean zone : the Union of Chambers of Commerce of the Indian Ocean, the Indian Ocean Commission and the Association of Ports and Islands of the Indian Ocean.

The AIVP take part in the city-port seminar in Santos (Brazil)

webmaster13 April 2012

The port city of Santos is an active member of AIVP, Santos is the first Brazilian port, and it is going to organize the next 26th of April an International seminar dedicated to the development of port cities.

The purpose of this meeting is principally the development area of the project “Porto Valongo” that will allow Santos to get an international waterfront. The AIVP will be represented here by Chantal Guillet, General Manager of ADEFRANCE and member of AIVP’s Board of Directors in charge of AIVP development in Latin America.

13th World Conference Cities and Ports

webmaster5 April 2012

Discover the programme of the workshops

Not less than 6 workshops will enrich the debates of our conference. With the program:

City – port blend The new city port economic dynamics Citizen dialogue as a means of action 30 years of waterfront: regards and prospects The port city, laboratory of industrial ecology Federating ambitions around “port center”

Discover as of today the various international speakers who will animate them. For this don’t hesitate to click on the various sessions of the synopsis of the conference.

You can now also download the complete program of the conference taking again the plenary sessions, the workshops, the technical visits, etc. 

American ports and their communication strategies

webmaster23 March 2012

For a long time now, American ports have followed the general management principle that coexistence with citizens, local associations and territorial authorities, as well as pressure groups such as environmentalists, requires a constant, proactive communication and lobbying strategy. At a workshop run by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) at the end of February 2012 (Program of the workshop), AIVP attended a variety of presentations on this subject, in the company of some forty American ports including Portland, Oakland, Miami, New Orleans, Seattle, Montreal, Quebec, Long Beach and many more.