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The Dock Infos #108 is available!

Hermeline DELEPOUVE3 January 2018

In this last issue of 2017, you will find:

The focus on “City-Ports and territories: the challenge for the next decade”, an article by Carlos Moreno; A selection of the AIVP’s news; Extract of the interview “Ibiza, Balearic Islands, the great port-city transformation”, with Joan Gual de Torrella Guasp, Chairman of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands And news of the AIVP’s network.


The Dock Infos #107 is here!

Hermeline DELEPOUVE23 October 2017

In this issue of october 2017, you will find:

– the focus on Port Centers and the operational guide ;
– a selection of the AIVP’s news ;
– the interview Stockholm Royal Seaoport : towards a smart port city model, of Johan Castwall, Chief Executive Officer of Ports of Stockholm ;
– and the triple signature of the AIVP Port Center Missions Charter.

The last Dock infos has arrived!

Denis DAVOULT28 June 2017

In this issue, you will find:

An interview of Yann Alix who is going to lead the AIVP Days in Le Havre (29-30 June), a selection of the AIVP brief news, a report on the participation of Philippe Matthis, the President of AIVP, to a workshop on the regeneration of port cities organized by the Committee of Regions, a news regarding the GID-Parmenides Forum about sustainable development in the Mediterranean ports in which the AIVP took actively part, etc.

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Dock infos #104, February 2017

Hermeline DELEPOUVE15 February 2017

The last Dock infos has arrived!

In this issue, you will find:

AIVP President tribune about the port cities century brief news an extract of the interview with D. Wilson, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, in which Mr. Duncan explains how Vancouver port is sustainably addressing the challenges of growth AIVP network news, especially one summary about the AAPA congress in Mexico.

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Dock infos N°103, december 2016

webmaster1 December 2016

In this issue, you will read: the AIVP President editorial an extract of the synthesis of the conference of Rotterdam news from port-cities projects AIVP network news

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Dock infos N°102, september 2016

webmaster15 September 2016

New practices, new challenges

The biennial World Conferences Cities & Ports are always exceptional events in the life of AIVP. Prepared well in advance and with great enthusiasm, they are an opportunity to mobilise our global network around themes selected for their key relevance to the challenges and projects of today’s port cities. They also bring together the community of AIVP members, active stakeholders in the development of cities and ports, some of whom have been following our work assiduously for over 20 years.

Dock infos N°101, june 2016

webmaster22 June 2016

Mega-ships: which impacts for port-cities?

This year’s annual general meeting of our association in Malaga will once again be an opportunity to bring together all those with a stake in the sustainable development of port communities. In Malaga we will be debating the issue of mega-ships, not just the shipping behemoths but also the giant cruise liners, which for many of us are a very real manifestation of globalisation, and perhaps of its excesse… Port authorities and local communities need to work together to devise new strategies.

Dock infos N°100, april 2016

webmaster6 April 2016

Issue 100!

For more than 25 years, AIVP is the privileged witness to the developments under way in the cities and ports all over the world. The Dock Infos is one of those meetings the AIVP put forwards to its worldwide network to insure its creation purpose: sharing experiences, as attested by some of our member’s feedback.

Philippe Matthis
President of AIVP

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Dock infos N°99, february 2016

webmaster11 February 2016

United for success

For AIVP’s members, 2016 will be a year particularly rich in events in port cities, whose diversity reflects particularly well the richness of our own network. In addition, of course, to our 15th world conference, which is due to take place in Rotterdam in early October, this year’s activities will kick off in April in Antwerp, where AIVP’s Port Center Network group will hold a new seminar on societal integration. Then it will be on to Lorient, France, to learn about the city’s plans as part of a study trip in May, and the following month we will be in Malaga, Spain, for our 2016 General Meeting and another round of AIVP Days. In July, Ningbo will be the setting for AIVP’s first regional meeting in China.