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Dock infos N°88, december 2013

webmaster18 December 2013

Happy and prosperous year in 2014!

It is fashionable today, when speaking in public or writing in the press, to see the glass as half empty rather than half full. Is everything really so bad? The economy, society, biodiversity, climate, energy – there is no shortage of subjects for concern. They naturally demand actions on the scale of the challenges, and admit no place for national selfishness in our globalised contemporary societies. At AIVP, as in many other world-wide networks, we are working on this. Without being overly optimistic, but as President of an international association which by its nature is attentive to the transformations at work all over the globe, I would simply like to recall that the growth of international maritime trade has contributed extensively over the last few decades to the enrichment of a number of nations. Their inhabitants have gained access to a better quality of life and higher education.

Dock infos N°87, october 2013

webmaster15 October 2013

Editorial : “Did you say IPCC?”

The most recent IPCC report has raised less of a storm than its predecessor published 6 years ago.  In the absence of virulent controversy with climate-change sceptics, the press seems to be tiring of these alarmist reports, even though it continues to stress – paradoxically enough – that the data produced by the IPCC are conservative. Discouraging in advance all efforts towards a profound change in our development and consumption processes would be counter-productive. If nothing changes very soon, our children and grand-children, born today, may see water waist-deep in the streets of New York, Bilbao, Shanghai or Buenos Aires by the time they retire!  Not to mention the many serious climate disorders affecting particularly southern hemisphere countries, where the social and economic tissue is already fragile.

Dock infos N°86, may 2013

webmaster13 June 2013

Editorial : “Culture and competitiveness of port cities”

The AIVP Days in Helsinki (Finland), 13-15 June 2013

It is with great pleasure that we are to be able to welcome you to the General Meeting of AIVP, the worldwide network of port cities, in Helsinki on the 11th and 12th of June. More than one hundred delegates, representing port cities on every continent, are due to attend. Finland largely looks out onto the Baltic Sea and this entire European region has experienced remarkable economic dynamism since the end of the Soviet era more than twenty years ago. Helsinki and other Baltic port cities are at the front line of this growth. This economic impetus is accompanied by an equally remarkable urban revival. All around the country, pride is taken in architectural heritage whilst the improvement of quality of life in cities is of constant concern. This is why I am delighted that these new AIVP Days in Helsinki are dedicated to the theme “City-port culture and competitiveness”. Cultural strategies play an active role in the improvement of citizens’ wellbeing. It is also an important factor in the development of tourism. When it is possible to bring together culture with the port and its activities, then we have an extraordinary lever for development in each port city.

Hannele Luukkainen, Chairman of the Board, Port of Helsinki

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Dock infos N°85, april 2013

webmaster25 April 2013

Editorial : “Port-cities seek new talent… “

According to a not very recent study by UNESCO, the number of researchers in developing countries increased by 56% between 2002 and 2007. By comparison, the increase in developed countries was only 8.6%. During the period, humanity gained nearly a million researchers from developing countries. The figures to be published soon will no doubt only confirm that this trend is accelerating.

This increase in the number of researchers worldwide is of course one of the key factors in overcoming the many challenges faced by our societies. In the context of its active participation in international meetings, in China, Africa, recently in India, and before long in California or Colombia, AIVP has identified many new talents who are already helping port-cities with innovative solutions to their development problems. These talents, whether working to find solutions for changes in energy, maritime transport as such, sustainable urban development or social dialogue, are the future of each of our ports and port-cities. We have just chosen Durban as the venue for our 14th World Conference in November 2014. A city committed to globalisation, and in rapid economic expansion; the principal port in South Africa – one of the five most dynamic developing countries in the world (BRICS). By choosing Durban, we hope to contribute new talents to port-cities!

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Philippe Matthis
Secretary of the AIVP
Deputy General Manager of the Port of Brussels

Dock infos N°84, february 2013

webmaster1 March 2013

Editorial : “Add a more human face to globalisation”

China, India, Africa, Latin America… For many years AIVP has encouraged the expansion of its worldwide network in emerging countries and supported local initiatives in port-city development. Stakeholders in development in these countries are regularly invited to AIVP’s international conferences to present their projects and raise their concerns.

There is a growing interest in AIVP’s work and new members have already joined from the southern hemisphere. There are also an increasing number of projects and research streams on the subject of port-cities: a port-city research centre in Costa Rica, port-city Observatory projects in Brazil and China, and working groups in various African associations. There is a notable interest in port-city relationships and many stakeholders seek AIVP’s expertise in this area. Naturally, AIVP’s management actively supports these advances and encourages their development through partnership agreements. Established 25 year ago, during which time AIVP has been engaged in on-going international development issues, the association draws strength from this new global dynamic and aims to help each port-city build its future and establish links with stakeholders in port and urban development worldwide. AIVP also seeks to add a more human face to globalisation by enabling stakeholders in port-cities to meet each other and talk.

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Olivier Lemaire
General Manager of AIVP

Dock infos N°83, december 2012

webmaster17 January 2013

Editorial : “Let us become every day a little more players”

In an international economic climate filled with moroseness and pessimism, AIVP is distinguished by its unfailing activity and its confidence in the projects for tomorrow. Our AIVP Days seminar in Barcelona testified to this state of mind resolutely turned towards the new opportunities for the development of port cities, towards innovative projects which are making the port cities of today advanced posts of a responsible economy.

We are living a change in époque in which the questions of the management of resources and that of climate change are becoming more pressing. Nearly everywhere, projects are testifying to these new realities being taken into account by the decision makers. Undeniably, things are advancing, the movement has started. For several years already, AIVP have been putting into value these numerous initiatives of the port cities which are our future. It is also without any doubt for this reason that our worldwide network does not cease to attract new active members. In only a few decades, the world will be profoundly changed and we, stakeholders in the development of our port cities, have, today, the immense responsibility but also the immense privilege in taking part in this change. Instead of witnesses, let us become every day a little more players and let us dare!

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Jean-Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

Dock infos N°82, october 2012

webmaster30 October 2012

Editorial : Rendez vous in Barcelona

A few months ago, coming to Saint-Nazaire for the 13th World conference of Cities and Ports of our Association, I discovered an industrial port city proud of its past and whose choices of development, urban, economic or cultural, reveal a shared vision of the future. Barcelona is, like Saint-Nazaire, a port city very concerned about the new global challenges, economic, environmental, climate, social… In 1989, we held there the second World Conference of AIVP when the first buildings of Port Vell had only just emerged from the ground in response to what was then called “the port wastelands”. Today, if the success of our initiative cannot be denied and contributed in profoundly transforming the image of the city, we have to go further and thus “build the city with the port” in order to implement new economic but also tourist, urban and social strategies. We have decided to engage down this path by mobilising all energies and I very warmly invite you to come on 13 and 14 December to the AIVP Days seminar in Barcelona to discuss with us the topic of “Transforming Ports, Changing Cities”.

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Antoni Vives
Deputy Mayor
City of Barcelona, Spain

Dock infos N°81, august 2012

webmaster31 August 2012

Editorial : Rio London, London… Rio

Summer 2012 is drawing to an end in the Northern hemisphere whilst the Southern winter is ending. These last three months will have been marked by two international events held at opposite ends of the world…

It all started in Rio with a morose Earth Summit during which no major decision for the construction of the world of tomorrow was able to be taken. A few weeks later, the Olympic spirit reigned over London, and in the port cities of the five continents we all vibrated at the exploits of the Jamaican Bolt, of the Kenyan Rudisha, of the Chinese Shiwedu, or of the British Wiggins. The contrast is striking. Could these two weeks of festivities and sharing not inspire us to meet at last the challenges of our human race? We are at the start of the last straight, and if the nations manifestly are still unable to clearly determine the place of the winning post, this should not slow down the local initiatives so dear to AIVP. Exchanges of good practices, apprenticeships, diffusion of knowledge, solidarity, pooling of ideas… here we find our Olympic spirit. We are counting on you to maintain it. In 2016, the Games will be held in Rio : a unique occasion to come full circle.

Jean Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

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Dock infos N°80, april 2012

webmaster18 April 2012


Joël Batteux
Mayor of Saint-Nazaire
Chairman of the Agglomeration of Saint-Nazaire

The attractiveness and inluence of Nantes, of Saint-Nazaire and more generally of the Loire Estuary, are obviously closely connected with the port. At the outcome of the Second World War and up to the Nineties, this relationship between our cities and their port has undergone dificult, even painful moments.

For 20 years now, both in Nantes and in Saint-Nazaire, we are accomplishing a new ambition: City-Port and Ile de Nantes. All at the same time, urban, social, and cultural, it is shaping our identity and is carrying new vocations, complementary to the economic and port activities.

From the 18th to the 21st June, you will be guests of the cities and agglomerations of Saint-Nazaire and Nantes, of the Region of Pays-dela- Loire, of the Grand Port Maritime and of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are always happy to receive visitors as we are open to the world and curious about the projects and experiences carried out elsewhere. Together, we shall welcome you with pleasure and interest, animated by that team spirit which is familiar to us and which is sometimes envied.

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Dock infos N°79, march 2012

webmaster1 March 2012

Course is set for Rio+20

Jean-Pierre Lecomte
President of AIVP

The postponement of the initial date of the coming Earth Summit in Rio, called Rio +20 in reference to the first Earth Summit in this same city in 1992, will make this planetary rendezvous coincide with the other global rendezvous which is the 13th World Conference of AIVP in Nantes and in Saint-Nazaire from 18 to 21 June next.

Essentially known for having laid down the international bases of sustainable development, the first Earth Summit initiated the start of an already long list of international meetings dedicated to the future of the planet and to the improvement of the well-being of its inhabitants. This next Brazilian meeting will this time have on its roadmap the question of green economy and the means to accelerate its development. This problematic will naturally find an echo in our own discussions, in particular in the context of the sessions dedicated to the “entrepreneurial port”. As we shall see during the AIVP Conference, the questions of renewable marine energies, of the development of industrial ecology, of the fight against greenhouse gasses… offer promising new perspectives for port cities who wish to ensure their future whilst preserving that of the planet. Without any doubt, in debating this year in France, in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, the sustainable future of port cities, we shall be at the heart of the initiatives awaited from Rio!

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