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Middle-size Port Cities against the Covid. Good practices during the pandemic.

Théo FORTIN16 July 2020

Much has been said on the role big port cities have played against the pandemic, notably in Asia. What about those who constitute a huge majority, middle-size port cities? As local authorities could be overwhelmed, Ports have taken up their public role and new solutions have been invented to tackle health, social or economic issues. AIVP has synthetized the good practices from Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas. Now that recovery plans are underway, let’s take a stand: ports must be more sustainable, collaborative, and resilient

Port Centers and port reputation

Hermeline DELEPOUVE8 July 2020

Hilda Ghiara is Tenured Researcher and Professor in Maritime Traffic, Ports and Regional Economies at University of Genoa (Italy). She has been member of AIVP network of experts for almost 10 years. She attended on July 2, the AIVP webinar on Port Centers and provides a perspective that complements the webinar quite well.

The health, climate and tourism crisis

José SANCHEZ23 June 2020

Following the webinar on 18 June 2020 on the return of cruise activity in our post-covid port cities, Dr. Pedro Marín Cots, Director of the Urban Environment Observatory of the city of Málaga (Spain), gives his point of view on the subject. In his characteristic direct style, he clearly thinks that they cannot return, especially following the same economic and tourist model from before the Covid-19. He raises several questions regarding the actual adaptation capacity and emphasizes that the real challenge is climate change, that we should not get distracted from it. This is indeed an opportunity to accelerate the necessary changes towards new economic and cultural behaviours.

North Sea Port: a cross-border entity fighting the pandemic

José SANCHEZ15 June 2020

Created on January 1st , 2018, the port authority of North Sea Port manages the ports of Zeeland (The Netherlands) and Gent (Belgium). As a cross border authority, its duties were important against the Covid19 which was spreading from country to country. North Sea Port has tackled this challenge, keeping the link with the citizens and maintaining its sustainable development projects.

The port of Helsinki will pursue its path towards sustainable development despite the Covid 19

José SANCHEZ8 June 2020

Considering the importance of ferry traffic in Helsinki, the port has been seriously impacted by the Covid19. Even though, some investments had to be postponed and events cancelled, the Port of Helsinki remains committed to a better Port City interaction. The priority has been keeping the citizens informed, and maintaining the strategical investments for sustainable development.

Trois-Rivières: aiming to be an innovative urban port

Denis DAVOULT26 May 2020

Located in the heart of the city itself, the Port of Trois-Rivières faces a daily challenge to balance its activities with the life of residents living next to the Port. But the Port sees this co-existence as a great opportunity to work hand in hand with the City, building a feeling of pride and belonging to a dynamic, attractive city.

How has the Spanish government responded to the crisis of Covid-19 in the port sector? The answer from Puertos del Estado

José SANCHEZ20 May 2020

Spain has been one of the most affected countries by the COVID 19 in Europe. The strict quarantine imposed by the government limited most economic activities and restricted the mobility of people. In the meantime, during the past weeks, ports have continue functioning as crucial infrastructure to reduce the effects of the pandemic. In this article, the president of Puertos del Estado explains the main economic, legal and security policies and actions taken to cope with the consequences of the COVID 19 crisis.