couverture du magazine NPI novembre 2019

City Port relations make the front page of the magazine NPI!

Hermeline DELEPOUVE5 December 2019

“Preserving port, industrial and logistics activities, integrating them better with those of cities and their residents, this is the challenge for the authorities running ports, in conjunction with their city counterparts”. A fine tribute by the magazine NPI* to the AIVP’s efforts over the last 30 years or more, which are every bit as topical and newsworthy as ever!


Change of strategy for AIVP!

Hermeline DELEPOUVE26 November 2019

At its recent meeting on November 14, 2019, the AIVP Board of Directors concluded a year-long process of reflection by adopting a new strategy for the organisation.

Members from 11 different countries were present to take this important decision and set out the new roadmap for the association’s future direction. The three key planks of the new strategy are:

Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes: putting climate change at the heart of the port’s activity

Denis DAVOULT25 November 2019

Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes recently ratified the AIVP Agenda 2030. Both the initiatives undertaken by the port in recent years and its current projects are firmly in line with the ten goals that make up our Agenda. This is particularly true of several projects which tie in with three specific Agenda goals, namely adapting to climate change, the energy transition and circular economy, and protecting biodiversity.

logo agenda aivp 2030

AIVP 2030 Agenda gains new signatories!

Hermeline DELEPOUVE21 November 2019

The list of signatories grows longer day by day. Since its adoption in June 2019, the AIVP 2030 Agenda has been ratified by more than 75 AIVP members from 20 different countries. We are delighted to welcome the new signatories, who include, among others, the port of Bahia Blanca (Argentina), the Port of Montreal (Canada), the Brittany region (France), and both the city and the port of Bilbao (Spain).

photo signature charte port center bilbao

Bilbao (Spain) signs the Missions Charter of a Port Center

Hermeline DELEPOUVE13 November 2019

The missions charter of a Port Center defines in ten points the main objectives that every Port Center should reach. This document aims to accompany all those who wish to open their ports to citizens, educate youngsters in business and port activity and develop the emergence of a living city-port culture.