Port Centers and port reputation

Hermeline DELEPOUVE8 July 2020

Hilda Ghiara is Tenured Researcher and Professor in Maritime Traffic, Ports and Regional Economies at University of Genoa (Italy). She has been member of AIVP network of experts for almost 10 years. She attended on July 2, the AIVP webinar on Port Centers and provides a perspective that complements the webinar quite well.

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First Online Board of Directors for AIVP

Hermeline DELEPOUVE2 July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the AIVP programme of activities but also the possibilities of physically bringing together the 33 administrators from 16 different countries.

But AIVP is adapting and innovating! On Tuesday 30 June 2020, we organised, for the first time, our Board of Directors by videoconference with the possibility of 100% secure online voting.

AIVP has joined forces with the start-up Nüag, which uses the Blockchain technology that combines reliability and transparency.

Do you also want to test this new way of participating in the life of AIVP?
Meet all our members in November 2020 for the AIVP Digital General Meeting!

Engaging citizens and establishing dialogues. Port Centers in the new normal

José SANCHEZ29 June 2020

AIVP is organising a series of webinars entitled “Port City Talks” to continue to debate, to build the port city of tomorrow and to keep in touch with our members. The 3rd webinar of the series deals with the Port Center and its new role within a smart port city. It will be held on Thursday 2 July 2020 at 16:00 (CEST / GMT +2).

The health, climate and tourism crisis

José SANCHEZ23 June 2020

Following the webinar on 18 June 2020 on the return of cruise activity in our post-covid port cities, Dr. Pedro Marín Cots, Director of the Urban Environment Observatory of the city of Málaga (Spain), gives his point of view on the subject. In his characteristic direct style, he clearly thinks that they cannot return, especially following the same economic and tourist model from before the Covid-19. He raises several questions regarding the actual adaptation capacity and emphasizes that the real challenge is climate change, that we should not get distracted from it. This is indeed an opportunity to accelerate the necessary changes towards new economic and cultural behaviours.

North Sea Port: a cross-border entity fighting the pandemic

José SANCHEZ15 June 2020

Created on January 1st , 2018, the port authority of North Sea Port manages the ports of Zeeland (The Netherlands) and Gent (Belgium). As a cross border authority, its duties were important against the Covid19 which was spreading from country to country. North Sea Port has tackled this challenge, keeping the link with the citizens and maintaining its sustainable development projects.

Cruises and port cities, ready to return?

José SANCHEZ11 June 2020

AIVP is organising a series of webinars entitled "Port City Talks" to continue to debate, to build the port city of tomorrow and to keep in touch with our members. The 2nd webinar of the series bears on the return of cruise activity after the health crisis that we have experienced. It will be held on Thursday 18 June 2020 at 16h00 (CEST / GMT +2). Here is an introductory text on the challenges the cruise industry is facing after the coronavirus crisis.

Global Supply Chains, Post-pandemic Port Cities, and the Future Role of Waterfronts

José SANCHEZ10 June 2020

We invited Dr. Zaheer Allam to comment the discussion on the 1st webinar of AIVP "How to Plan Waterfronts After Covid-19?". In this article, he raises new points to be taken into consideration for the economic recovery plans and the effects the Corona-Crisis may have on waterfront areas. Zaheer also emphasizes how this moment is as well an opportunity to reflect on dominant principles for waterfront planning, such as the application of smart tech, and to reconnect these areas with local inhabitants. The article is an invitation for AIVP members to continue the brainstorming and improve the port-city relationship.

The port of Helsinki will pursue its path towards sustainable development despite the Covid 19

José SANCHEZ8 June 2020

Considering the importance of ferry traffic in Helsinki, the port has been seriously impacted by the Covid19. Even though, some investments had to be postponed and events cancelled, the Port of Helsinki remains committed to a better Port City interaction. The priority has been keeping the citizens informed, and maintaining the strategical investments for sustainable development.