SUEZ, environmental integration solutions for the City Port territory

Denis DAVOULT22 September 2020

From air quality and water management to mitigating the environmental impacts of port activity, and more, there are a host of challenges when it comes to guaranteeing the residents of our port cities a high quality, healthy living environment, as recommended in Goal 9 of the AIVP 2030 Agenda...

Chloé et Théo devant les logements conteneurs au Havre

Two new recruits at AIVP!

Hermeline DELEPOUVE18 September 2020

AIVP is pleased to welcome Chloé Colboc and Théo Fortin aboard. They will bring new energy and fresh perspective on our worldwide network. Let’s meet them…

Paquebots à Bordeaux

Will cruises restart like before? 3 perspectives from AIVP’s network

Théo FORTIN17 September 2020

"Health and Life Quality": this goal is now the top-priority for most of the citizens, due to the Covid-19 pandemic but also because of the growing concern about air pollution or water drinkability. This month, AIVP will dedicate a full series of publications to this key-issue. As an introduction, here is an article coordinated by Francesca Morucci, with the contribution of Jamil Ouazzani and Laurence Bouchardie.

Cruceros y ciudades portuarias: ¿Qué futuro después de la ruptura del Covid-19?

Cruises and port cities: How to draw the future after the Covid-19 break?

Hermeline DELEPOUVE15 September 2020

AIVP is organising a series of webinars entitled “Port City Talks” to continue to debate, to build the port city of tomorrow and to keep in touch with our members.

The next AIVP webinar will be held in Spanish on Thursday 24 September 2020 at 15:00: 00 (CEST / GMT +2) and will be moderated by Beatriz Tovar de la Fé, Catedrática de Economía Aplicada, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (España) (Spain); Pedro Marín Cots Jefe OMAU, Ciudad de Málaga (España) ; Pino Musolino, Special Commissioner and Acting President, North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (Italia); and Marcelo Peyregne Gerente General, Puerto de Buenos Aires (Argentina) will also speak.


Death of Antoine Rufenacht, founding President of AIVP

Hermeline DELEPOUVE8 September 2020

Port cities are in mourning. Antoine Rufenacht, the founding President of AIVP, the worldwide network of port cities, passed away on 5 September 2020 at the age of 81.

A former minister, MP, and President of the Upper Normandy Region, who served as Mayor of Le Havre from 1995 to 2010, Antoine Rufenacht was a leading French politician who was always true to his beliefs, and commanded wide and unanimous respect.

couverture du livre Atlas Afrique AFD

AFD publishes a new atlas of the African continent

Hermeline DELEPOUVE7 September 2020

AIVP recommends adding the new atlas published by France’s Development Agency, the AFD, to your reading list. Titled “Atlas de l’Afrique AFD – Pour un autre regard sur le continent” (“AFD Atlas of Africa –A Different View of the Continent”), the book contains over 100 maps and explains how Africa is moving towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the wake of the tragedy in Beirut, can we expect to see more public calls for improved industrial safety in port cities?

Hermeline DELEPOUVE2 September 2020

In front of the impressive images of the devastation caused not only to the port of Beirut but also to the whole urban area, the citizens of the port cities are worried. A mobilization on these subjects will develop in the coming days and months. However, industrial safety in ports throughout the world has been the subject of reflection and measures for several years.

Mersin port Turkey

Mersin Chamber of Shipping: the first member of AIVP from Turkey!

Hermeline DELEPOUVE2 September 2020

Mersin is a Mediterranean city on the South coast of Turkey. Due to its geographical position and temperate climate, the city has been a significant transit point between Africa, Asia and Europe, and hosts an international port which gives service worldwide.

Mersin Chamber of Shipping, established in 1989, is a Professional Organization with the Status of Public Institution and is one of the two Chambers of Shipping in Turkey. Developing maritime trade and maritime profession in accordance with the national policies and international regulations, and meeting the common needs of its members worldwide are among the main objectives of the Chamber. The vision of the Chamber is to have an indelible impression both domestically and worldwide in terms of its quality of service, reputation and reliability, by submitting the opportunities of maritime trade and other maritime activities to its members and to the whole sector as an accredited institution.

Dunkirk’s new Port Center set to bring the public and port closer together

José SANCHEZ17 August 2020

After almost two years in preparation, the Dunkirk Port Center opened its doors in July 2020, becoming an invaluable new resource for promoting dialogue between the public, the city, and the port. The new space was developed with support from three main partners: the Port Authority, the Urban Community and the Port Museum, where the Port Center is housed. In this interview, we find out more about the reasons behind the project and what visitors can expect in the months ahead.