Building the City Port of 2030!

webmaster25 July 2019

AIVP Days – Riga, 6-8 June 2019

Panel 1: The climate emergency: 100% Paris Agreement port cities

Panel 2: Governance: open and co-constructed port cities

Panel 3: Quality of life: attractive port cities for all

Panel 4: Riga, what Port City ambition for 2030?

Panel 5: Human capital: port cities taking up the challenge of a new social dynamic

Panel 6: Biodiversity: pioneering and responsible port cities

Panel 7: Mobility and logistics: fluid and innovative port cities

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Co-construction in Belgium city-port projects

Hermeline DELEPOUVE12 December 2018

AIVP Study Mission to Belgium

November 13-14, 2018 – Brussels and Antwerp

Introductory presentation by Michael DOOMS
The Walloon ports case
The Flemish ports case
The case of the of the Brussels Capital Region
The City Port relationships in Antwerp

See the proceedings.

Read the case study on Brussels.

AIVP Indian Ocean Days 2018

Hermeline DELEPOUVE29 November 2018


8-9 november 2018 – Le Port (La Réunion – France)

The AIVP Indian Ocean Days, hosted by the Municipality of le Port (Reunion Island) aimed to lay the groundwork for regional cooperation on the issues that ports are set to face in the future.

The debates took place around three key themes:

Theme 1: City-port strategies for a maritime living environment
Theme 2: Economic city-port trends for the Indian Ocean
Theme 3: Measures in favour of employment in the port cities of the Indian Ocean

See the proceedings


Next Generation

Hermeline DELEPOUVE27 November 2018


Quebec City, CANADA – June 11-14, 2018

Topic 1: The waterfront Next Generation ? I’m living and working here!
Topic 2: Healthier, greener: my port city environment Next Generation.
Topic 3: Training, learning, creativity: my education Next Generation.
Topic 4: Carbon free, circular: the port industry Next Generation.
Topic 5: A smarter logistic: my mobility Next Generation.
Topic 6: City, Port, Citizens: the co-construction Next Generation.


Competing through port-city animation

Bruno DELSALLE25 October 2017

The AIVP Days – Le Havre, 29 30 june 2017

– Synthesis and conclusions
– Comments from delegates
– Key note speech
– Panel 1: Return on investment for the territory
– Panel 2: Le Havre, territorial appeal and the Port-City relationship
– Panel 3: Creating a community of Port-City interests
– Panel 4: Opening up the City Port interface to the port as a spectacle
– Panel 5: Bringing City / Port / Citizen interaction to life


Bruno DELSALLE6 March 2017

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 5-7 Octobre 2016

Crossovers : how to imagine a new model for the City Port economy of the future?

– “Circular Economy”
– “Innovative Business”
– “Smart Technologies”
– “Joint Planning Strategies”
– “Climate Resilience”
– “Social Innovation”


Megaships: which impacts on port cities?

Bruno DELSALLE10 February 2017

The AIVP Days – Malaga, 23-25 June 2016

Panel 1: Megaships: which impacts on port cities?
Panel 2: Preparing the City Port for the advent of megaships
Panel 3: The City Port projects of Málaga
Panel 4: Mega cruise ships: the challenge of managing high cruise passenger traffic in urban settings
Panel 5: Ports & CSR policy: bringing the citizen port community together to take action

Working Waterfront: a City-Port mix in progress

Bruno DELSALLE30 January 2017

The AIVP Days – Dublin, 28-29 may 2015

Panel 1: “Working waterfront”: a space oriented towards maritime economy
Panel 2: “Working waterfront”: a space of maritime and port culture
Panel 3: Port-city projects and challenges in Dublin
Panel 4: “Working waterfront”: a space for green innovations
Panel 5: “Working waterfront”: a space fitting within its territory


Ports, growth drivers in the Caribbean

Bruno DELSALLE30 January 2017

AIVP Regional meeting – Guadeloupe, 26-27 March 2015

Session 1 : Make citizens BE a partner in the PORT City tandem
Session 2 : Intensify international exchanges
Session 3 : economic innovation and Port city Governance
Session 4 : Waterfront and cruise, two major assets for the Caribbean