Guides and studies

Plan the city with the port: guide of good practices

webmaster30 May 2019

Designed as an aid to decisionmaking, the AIVP Guide of Good Practices is now available via a dedicated online platform.

It currently contains 116 examples of good practices, with more to be added regularly. The guide is an invaluable tool for identifying practices that can be transposed to your own Port City and implementing the AIVP 2030 Agenda, to ensure that your Port City contributes actively to the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

The Port Center : Step-by-step operational guide

webmaster14 December 2018

Port Centers provide the public, initiated or not, with the possibility to discover, experience and understand better contemporary port activities. This is possible thanks to a dedicated exposition and different educational animations, as well as the organization of adapted on-site visits in the port area.

Given the rising interest of AIVP port city members in the Port Center concept and the importance to keep in line with its Mission Charter, AIVP started to develop a guide and different accompanying approaches already experienced in these last years. The goal of this new document is to answer the initial questions that might come up when developing the concept.

Information brochure here

To learn more about the Port Center concept: see the Port Center By AIVP website

Port-City Governance

webmaster17 December 2014

This third publication by the Sefacil Foundation aims to explore innovative practices from City-Port projects.  It has been produced in partnership with AIVP and is freely available. Its objective is to offer a practical and academic toolkit for both the professional and academic worlds.

Publication: Indian Ocean, cartographical approach

webmaster4 December 2014

On the occasion of the 14th World Conference on Cities and Ports (Durban, South Africa, 2014), the Indian Ocean Observatory for Port Cities has published a series of three studies to improve the sharing of experiences through map and graphics-based information.

“City-Port Governance”: a book to be published in late 2014

webmaster19 February 2014

AIVP, in partnership with Sefacil Foundation, have prepared a book on “City- Port Governance”. The book will be published as part of the series “Les Océanides” directed by Yann Alix, the Foundation’s Managing Director. The work will be released on the occasion of the 14th World Conference Cities and Ports, to be held in Durban, South Africa, November 3rd – 8th 2014.

New solutions for improving the reception of cruise activities in The South-Western Indian Ocean

webmaster30 August 2012

A study by the Observatory Cities and Port of the Indian Ocean

Comparative survey covering Durban (South Africa), Le Port (Reunion – France), Mombasa (Kenya), Mutsamudu (Comoros), Port-Louis (Mauritius), Toamasina (Madagascar), Victoria (Seychelles)

The offer for cruise products has known quite an evolution in the last three decades. The emergence of world-wide shipping companies, the manufacturing of always more performing and bigger cruise liners along with the development of new marketing strategies have enabled the cruise business to become one of the most dynamic segments in global tourism over the last few years.

One ocean, many cities and ports

webmaster19 July 2012

The Observatory Cities and Ports of the Indian Ocean (OVPOI) covers a geographical area of 10.6 million km² containing 185 million inhabitants at the cross roads between Africa and Asia. Through its network, OVPOI wishes to contribute to the formalisation of a regional identity. The publication One ocean, many cities and ports, co-signed by Wilfird Bertile, Marie-Annick Lamy-Giner and Philippe Le Gal is included in this approach. A voyage in pictures enables the port communities of Durban (South Africa), Le Port (Reunion Island), Mamoudzou (Mayotte), Maputo (Mozambique), Monbasa (Kenya), Mutsamudu (Comores), Toamasina (Madagascar), Port Louis (Mauritius), Victoria (Seychelles), as well as those of the other members of the network to be discovered. The principal statistics on the cities and the ports complete the document.

The book is available from the Observatory:


Cruises and urban policy: the CTUR project

webmaster4 January 2012

The Final Report of the CTUR project, with which AIVP has been closely associated, is available. It notably reveals that the economic impact of cruises is more often than not under-exploited and could be vitalised by an integrated and targeted policy. This strategy can be based notably on the creation of a cruise cluster, on training, and on the cooperation between port cities. Cruises can also constitute a tool for urban regeneration provided that a logistics strategy to optimise the flows of passengers be developed and that new terminals be multifunctional.

CTUR, mains results
CTUR – Final report and Good Practices

City–Port innovations

webmaster28 September 2011

Toward integrated Port City Projects

The French Federation of Urban Planning Agencies (FNAU) have published a study which inventories the innovatory practices implemented in the port cities in order to associate the respective interests of territories, of the economic stakeholders and the “new” environmental deal. Seventy French and international initiatives have been inventoried and analysed with the help of AIVP. Four sectors are examined : economy, environment, urbanism, and governance.

Download the study – (Short version aivailable in english)

The environmental practices of the port-cities and the harbours in the Indian Ocean

webmaster15 February 2011

A study by the Observatory Cities and Port of the Indian Ocean

A comparative analysis in port areas in Durban (South Africa), Le Port (Reunion – France), Port-Louis (Mauritius), and Toamasina(Madagascar).

Industrial activities have a well known effect on environment, by waste, pollution, traffic… today, none is ignorant of the fact that the addition of all these effects causes a significant impact particularly, in terms of climate change.