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Logo_RSE_en_web_160Cities, ports: cocoa for the climate!

Beyond regular exchanges between local actors, the port cities of the AIVP network also aspire to participate in active, concrete ways of protecting the world’s natural resources and biodiversity. Thanks to its strong symbolic value in international trade, cocoa has become an emblem of the involvement of AIVP port cities in the fight against climate change.
By joining “Pur Projet“, port cities of the AIVP network can take part in a project which aims to protect a remarkable natural zone while ensuring that the local population can continue with sustainable production in their “Criollo” cocoa plantations.
This partnership is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), policy led by the AIVP.  Each participant in an exchange programme organised by AIVP will contribute to the planting of 4 to 12 precious fruit-trees in plots of cocoa trees in a preserved region bordering the Patuca natural park in Honduras.  Agro-forestry production is being fomented by the Aprosacao Cooperative in these plantations, which are traditional in Central America, in order to develop a cocoa industry of high social and environmental quality. In the long term, 150 ha of cocoa will be farmed in agro-forestry production for the benefit of 150 families.

Certificate AIVP (2015-01-02) (AP-HO-12091)Certificate AIVP (2016-03-30) (AP-HO-18000)



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