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Looking for an expert Partner for your city-port development projects ?
AIVP and our network of experts can help !

With AIVP, benefit from the expertise of a worldwide network with nearly 30 years’ experience in city-port development.

POSSIBLE Fields of intervention

  • Governance
  • Strategic development plans
  • Restoration and promotion of port heritage
  • City-port interfaces
  • Port Centers and social integration
  • Cruise activity
  • Cultural facilities
  • Waterfronts
  • Industrial ecology
  • Climate change
  • and more.

Some of the issues on which AIVP has worked:

  • Auditing City/Port/Economic Stakeholder relations
  • Devising strategies for involving local economic stakeholders in the port dynamic
  • Designing Port Center business models …

A pool of international experts at your disposal

Experts drawn from AIVP’s professional section

Members of the worldwide network of city ports (architects, urban planners, consultants, port engineers, etc.) and active participants in our programme of activities.

Contact them directly by clicking here
or asking us for help!

Our partner experts, researchers and academics

With 30 years’ experience, AIVP is ready to handle your request for an expert appraisal with our pool of experts. View the list here.

You can contact us at any time by writing to:


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