:MGI, a highly respected expert in the field of Cargo Community Systems (CCS), is pioneering new ways to facilitate and accelerate goods data exchange between international trade operators. MGI aims to be a key partner for tomorrow’s ports and environmentally responsible logistics operators moving towards digitisation in search of improved performance and competitiveness. Some 13 port communities representing over 4,500 users from the shipping and logistics industries have opted for MGI solutions. Latest solutions : - Ci5, the next generation of CCS, supports new innovations in the areas of Big Data, the IoT, AI, blockchain and smart containers. - Channel 5, a system driven by an AI engine that promotes efficient goods management in port communities. MGI is also an expert in logistics and regulatory processes, and provides audit and consultancy services for port community stakeholders. The company has ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management, and works with France’s national cybersecurity agency, ANSSI.