France: the port cities of Le Havre, La Rochelle, and Dunkirk selected by the Government to be innovation areas

Le Havre’s “Smart Port City” project, endorsed by the AIVP, will promote innovation in many areas of the City-Port relationship, including logistics, training, community relations, the future Port Center, the cruise industry, etc. Dunkirk will focus its efforts on energy by involving citizens in all the current changes. Finally, La Rochelle will bring in a wide range of innovative measures aimed at achieving zero carbon status. All of these projects are driven by AIVP members, and will provide inspiration for others.

Full article: Gouvernement français (pdf) / Haropa Port du Havre / Le Havre Seine Métropole / Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque / Communauté d’Agglmomération de La Rochelle

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