More port city activities for children in quarantine

 Culture and identity 

During the quarantine, children will have time to spark their imagination. More port city actors are providing colouring books inspired by these territories. Besides the examples from last week’s newsletter, another recent one in France, is the AURH (Agence d’Urbanisme de la Région du Havre et de l’Estuaire de la Seine), while others like the Port of Quebec (Canada) or the port of Santander (Spain) have launched drawing competitions for younger ones. At the same time, in Barcelona, the Maritime Museum also launched another creative contest, this time of micro stories of less than 150 words. Also in Spain, the port of Tarragona has published online a preview of their illustrated port atlas, explaining the history of the port. For more adult audiences, the researchers from Port City Futures have also compiled other cultural offers as you will see in another news.

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