Ports and cities continue their actions against the Coronavirus

 Culture and identity 

As we have seen in the past weeks, ports and cities have joined forces to overcome this crisis. Some ports like San Antonio (Chile), continue their sanitation campaign with the 4th disinfection of the local hospital. Economic measures have been put in place in many ports like Antwerp (Belgium), Algeciras, Ceuta, or Balearic Islands (Spain). Others, like Port of Quebec (Canada), contribute delivering meals to underprivileged families. On the cultural side, port cities have also been quite active. The ports of Barcelona, Tarragona and Málaga (Spain) have presented different initiatives for the online celebration of San Jordi and book day, such as drawing contests, storytelling while also allowing free download of books. In other port cities like Genoa (Italy), the Port Center has been sharing online activities in social media, and the municipality illuminated the historic lighthouse “La Lanterna” with the colour chosen by the winner of a drawing competitions. In Marseille (France), the municipality’s archives has launched the campaign “Memory of Confinement”, to preserve the individual and collective memory of this historical event. One the key message in port cities has been the support to frontline workers, as we saw in Valencia or Saint John. In Valparaiso, Chile, port and city expressed their recognition to the professionals of the logistic and health sector with the sirens and bells from terminals, ships and trucks.

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