How can ports halve emissions by 2030? Hint: cooperation is crucial

 Health and life quality 

The North Sea Port and the Port of Antwerp have launched new projects to drastically reduce the emissions. The project Antwerp@C led by the port of Antwerp brings together leaders of the chemical and energy industries to find viable solutions to reduce emissions in the port, by capturing and utilising or storing CO2. The project started in late 2019, and next step is looking for EU subsidies. In the North Sea Port, a cross border consortium led by Smart Delta Resources, with the support of several companies and the port authority is taking steps to drastically reduce the emissions in the port city region. The goal is to capture CO2 and reuse or store it underground. These methods would reduce this kind of emissions by 30%. The current stage is a feasibility study to be completed until the end of the year.

Port of Antwerp, North Sea Port

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